Painting a High Elf Archer

Required Paints
-Chaos Black
-Skull White
-Regal Blue
-Enchanted Blue
-Codex Grey
-Dark Flesh
-Dwarf Flesh
-Elf Flesh
-Mithril Silver (or Chainmail)
-Shining Gold
-Brazen Brass (or Dwarf Bronze)
-Blood Red
-Chaos Black Spray Paint
(Note: I use mostly FolkArt paints, but these are the equivelents to the ones I use)

-Standard Brush
-Fine Detail Brush
-X-Acto Knife (to remove mould lines)

Step 1
The first step (after assembling) is to clean off the mould lines using an X-Acto knife or alternatley files. Then prime the model with the Chaos Black Spray Paint, make sure you don't spray it on too thick, or it will fill in the details. Then touch up the spots you missed with chaos black. An Image

Step 2
Now for the most time consuming part, the robe. Now white is hard to paint over black so you have to start with codex grey and add increasing amounts of skull white until you are using pure skull white,(you might want to slightly water down the paints).

Codex Grey
An Image
An Image

2:1 Codex Grey to Skull White
An Image
An Image

2:2 Codex Grey to Skull White
An Image
An Image

1:2 Codex Grey to Skull White
An Image
An Image

Pure Skull White
An Image
An Image

Step 3
Now for the all important blue, start of by basecoating the arm sleeves and the sash/belt with regal blue.
An Image
An Image

Then highlight (pick out the higher points with a small amount of paint) the blue parts with enchanted blue.
An Image
An Image

Step 4
Paint the hair, belt (across his chest),the pouch, the bow,and the flesh areas with dark flesh.
An Image
An Image

Step 5
Next is to highlight the flesh (skin) areas with dwarf flesh.
An Image
An Image

Then highlight the highest parts with elf flesh.
An Image
An Image

You can paint the eyes in by painting skull white in the eye sockets, then painting a small dot of chaos black in the middle.
Step 6
The next step is to carefully paint brazen brass on the ornamental parts of the bow and on the bracelets.
An Image

Then highlight that with shining gold.
An Image

Step 7
This is a pretty short step, simply paint mithril silver (or chainmail) on the armour around his face.
An Image

Step 8
Last Step! Paint the gems blood red (or a colour of your choice).
An Image
An Image

And there you have it! Now all you have to do is base it and he's ready to kill some Dark Elves!!

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REeggo00 (Over a year ago): - delete
I like the white, the blue is alright, the gold's are nice, but the rest just makes it look like he has some skin condition and leathery hair...

Jombo (Over a year ago): - delete
Thanks for telling me about this Blood Angel. I'll be sure to show to my sis when she gets the archers!

lotrmaster6 (Over a year ago): - delete
The metal looks nice, but the white robe is waayyy to plain, there is no shadow in it.

I think the info is good though, everyone playing highelfs should be able to use this .

Apa1994 (Over a year ago): - delete
I think its to dark.

You did well on the robe, and the blue clothing.
But after that it feels like you lost patience.

Blood-Angel1 (Over a year ago): - delete
Thanks guys! and I have tried a white primer but not had very much luck with it, but what ever works best for you is what you should use!

Norsehawk (Over a year ago): - delete
Great looking model, my only concern is that if you are doing the main body white, wouldn't it be better to start from white primer so you didn't have to do so many steps to get the white robe? You can always paint the other bits black to get them started if you need darker.

LouieTheGreat (Over a year ago): - delete

imperial-soldier (Over a year ago): - delete

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