5Th edition Necrons review

Hello everyone!

This is a review of some major necron changes.

1. This is my favourite and the msot amusing thing of the new necrons.
Scarabs, are tank killers. You didn`t miss read it, they are tank killers! This is a example of their special rule. Say, if 10 scarabs attack a predator in close combat. They get 50 attacks due to the charge and the fact that they now have 4 attacks each. They roll to hit like normal and say I score 15 hits. Now this is the different part. They roll to wound even is they cant hurt the tank and every 4+ scored minuses the front, side, and rear armor by 1 permanently!
SO say a predator`s front armor is 13, side 11 and rear 10, it`s armor is now front 6 side 4 and rear 3, permanently, leaving it very vulnerably to the scarabs or even a ork slugga boyz pistol!
But, the scarabs are now 15 pts each and are now beasts, [Move 6" assault 12"] Now with some tactics with the scarabs. The no 1 priority is to get the scarabs into assault with a vehicle. How to do that? Well a nice tactic I used in a game was to keep them behind a unit of warriors so they get a nice cover save. SPREAD THEM OUT to the limit of the 2" coherensy so they aren`t vulnerable to blasts. Slowly advance up and try to keep the warriors in cover so they dont get shot down before the scarabs reach their target. Then, use the scarabs beast rule to effectiveness. A good way to do this is to actually shoot a target near the tank you wish to destroy so you get a rough idea how far away it is. If you are certain your scarabs are within 18" of a tank send them up straight at it and assault it while leaving your warriors in cover. Hopefully the scarabs will reduce the vehicles armor by 5 to 10 , leaving it hopeless the next turn. In the next turn the vehicle might move full speed or stand and fight, but either way it is almost certainly going to get destroyed, either by the scarabs close combat or the warriors weaponry.

2. This is also another one of my favourite changes of the necrons.
Warriors are now 13 pts which is awesome! Now you can really get that effect of a massed robotic army. The downside though is they now only have a 4+ armor save. I like having in a 1500 pt battle two squads of 20 and 2 squads of 10. The squads of 20 will march straight up directly getting some cover on the way while the squads of 10 will flank around and provide covering fire or hold back and keep an objective.

3. Another change is the Nightbringer has a new name! [I forgot what it is] It is now not a fortune to purchase as it is only 180 pts!
The downside is that it only has a strength of 7 and a toughness of 7.

4. Destroyers are now only 40 pts due to the slight nerf of gauss cannons, now only being assault 2 strength 5 weapons.

5. A Monolith is now only 200 pts but it has recieved a nerf to the partical whip which is only strength 8.

6. Immortals are now troop choices, becoming very handy to sit back and hold an objective.

Well I hope this has helped you with the new necrons. There are a lot of new units and wargear but if I explained it all it would take a few hours so those were all the major changes to the necrons.
Overall the necrons have recieved nerfs but are now a lot cheaper which I definately like due to the fact that they are a robotic based army. Now you can have more models on the board. But saying that I do think they are a bit OP but eh, what can you do? It is a very cool army nevertheless and I definately will be expanding my necron army due to this update.

So, to all you necron lovers have fun, and check out some of my other posts!


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patsimens2 (Over a year ago): - delete
Lol, GL on your warriors.

Lord-immortal (Over a year ago): - delete
@GaussBlaster222: "Best Army in The Game" that statement is false, and so are any that say the same thing. You may be good with them, but that doesn't mean someone out there is really good with a different army.

Thanks OP for this review, i haven't been able to get on down to my LGS but I still haven't even finished my necrons right now. 26 warriors to go ugh...

GaussBlaster222 (Over a year ago): - delete
I Play Necrons, Best Army in The Game: W-22 D-1 L-2

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5th edition necrons are out!

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