40K BATREP: Battle of the Bloodied Shield

I tip my mandibles in greeting to you, fellow horrors of the void.

I have not written one of these before so i hope my format and writing is ok, its mainly from memory with some story thrown in. More of a flavoured summary really.

I dont want to harp on about my gameplan too much but basically it was to storm up the table with hormies and gargs with tervion following, warriors backfield objective holding and synapse cover. Flyrants task was to be a backflipping vector striking angel of doom. I hoped all my lovely reserves would come in on turn 2 (double trygon, hive guard, devilgaunts, ymgarls).


Skarkshaks Roadwarriors:
3 trukks full of boys
1 trukk full of ard boyz with a warboss
1 battlewagon w/deffrolla full of burna boyz (with one mek) and a Big Mek with KFF and burna
2 looted Boom-wagons
10 Lootas
3 deffkoptas
1 dakka jet

Hive Fleet Mantis:

HQ- Flyrant w/ 2x T-L Dev's, Hive Commander - 285

Elites- 7 Ymgarls - 161
Elites- 3 Hive Guard w/ Spore - 190

Troops- 15 Devilgaunts w/ Spore - 190
Troops- 26 Hormies w/ Toxin Sacs - 208
Troops- Crushigon w/ TS, AG, Crushing Claws, Onslaught, Catalyst - 235
Troops- 3 Tyranid Warriors w/ Deathspitters, Scytals - 120

Fast Attack- 10 Gargoyles - 60

Hvy Supp- Trygon - 200
Hvy Supp- Trygon - 200

1849 pts


An Image

2) The Tyranids charge. A chittering tide of talon and rage; gargoyles and hormagaunts storm wildly across the battlefield towards the ork controlled town in the distance. The swarm let out wails of brutish adoration as the shadow of the hive tyrant blots out the sun briefly, the hive commander launches a withering volley of fire at the Ork vehicles on the fringes of the town. The other synapse creatures lurk in wait; the tervigon makes itself comfy in a small forest in preparation for birthing reinforcements. Hearing the Tyranid swarm approach, the ork army hops aboard their trukks and revvs their engines in defiance.

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3) With a guttural bark the three tyranid warriors send this swarm up the right flank, while they observe from the safety of the archway. The gaunts reach the safety of a building on the outskirts of town just as the first ork wagon roars past; all the burna boyz within unload and torch the entire swarm to ashes in a single volley!

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4)The ork army rumbles forward to repulse the invaders; its vehicles cover much ground. One trukk is wrecked by the airborne predator on the left flank and left at the mercy of a pack of Ymgarl stealers that crawl out of some rubble. The rest of the ork convoy advances without fear; blasting the pesky gaunts off the skyshield landing pad to claim the center. They blow several gargoyles to bits...and
dare the tervigon to test their mettle. Scything arcs of big shoota fire continue cutting down yet more gargoyles. On the left side of the town the warboss leads the convoy of tanks and trukks confidently when disaster strikes from the skies. Spore pods crash to earth unleashing swarms of gaunts armed with devourers, and powerfull hive guard emerge - the firepower all but wipes out the shooty boyz on the rooftops and slows the convoys advance. Meanwhile on the right a squadron of deff koptas barrels headlong towards the soon to be surrounded orks on the skyshield landing pad.
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5)On the ork right flank the squadron of deff koptas barrels headlong towards the emerging tervigon, just as it births its first brood of gaunts. A powerful ork tank with an uber cannon covers there approach when Ymgarl stealers emerge in a deadly position on their flank. The survivors of a previously wrecked tank battle the oncoming Ymgarls stoically, slowing their progress.. but not the inevitable harvesting of their biomass. The hive hive tyrant rolls and dives, vector striking and firing its deadly guns in more ork armour, the ramshackle machines doggedly return fire, but fail to wound the swooping hive demon.
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6)The ork left flank is a bloody melee of stealers and boyz, with koptaz and the hive tyrant vying for control of the skies. This pict shows the action on the right of the town where the vengefull orks in the warboss's covoy turn their guns on the puny tyranids that came down in the spore and slowed their advance. The gaunt swarm is vapourized in a hail of gunfire, the two creatures that somehow survive the onslaught flee into the sunset.

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7)The Ork boyz commanding the center of the skyshield landing pad disembark, digging in to watch the showdown between the onrushing swarm of gaunts and the reckless kopta pilots, the tervigon cranes is bulbous head and notices the orks, who prompty drop trouser and moon the beast. The hive tyrant destoys another ork tank, but not before its huge cannon fire one more shot which injures a tyranid warrior hiding in the distant ruins.
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8)The Ymgarl stealers placidly eating dead orks in a crater explode in a hail of big shootaz, as the mekboy gets the deffrolla truck up and running. Just as the engines kick into life and begin to hum a rumble under the earth heralds the arrival of two hulking trygons, all remaining ork guns open fire on the beasts killing one outright and wounding another. One of the ork trukks is sniped in its fuel tank by the tyranid warriors, the dazed boyz emerge just in time to see the battle for the skyshield erupt.. while the second trygon slithers up behind them. The boyz commanding the skyshield dive into a crater as the trukk they came in on explodes, courtesy of the hive guard that sieze the town behind them. The tervigon and its savage children charge the stranded orks, and are shot to bloody chunks, but more gaunts keep coming, after a valiant stand.. the skyshield is held by only two ork boyz, who continue to hold out against all odds. The swarms of tyranids begin to encircle the warboss and his remaining trukks. The Orks suddenly let out a huge cheer of waaaaaaaaaaaagh! As a huge dakkajet appears over the horizon, decked with guns and dripping fresh red paint. The tyranids scatter before the warplane; its pilot guns down some hive guard, forcing them off the rooftops.

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9)The hiveguard that survive the storm of fire from the dakkajet take carefull aim and snipe its engines, locking up its steering column and forcing it to careen right off the battlefield almost as soon as it arrives.
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10)The burna boyz trukk explodes under a hail of tyranid fire, and the survivors dig into the crater - ready to BBQ any creature that dares approach. The two ork boyz singlehandedly confounding the tervigons spawned army on the landing pad finally expire surrounded by the corpses of gargoyles and gaunts. The tyranid swarm and injured trygon converge on the last surviving trukk, containing the warboss himself and his ardboyz. The survivors of a wrecked Ork truk nearby open fire on the approaching swarms with pistols, one of them manages to kill the tyranid warriors that ruined their vehicle.

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11)Surrounded on all sides, the boss's trukk speeds around the landing pad firing in all directions at the tightening noose of claws and teeth. The two surviving gaunts that came down in the spore earlier in the battle regain their resolve, falling back under the iron will of their hive masters and somehow shoot the wartrukk in a critical location, blowing it up violently. The warboss and his ardboy retinue are assaulted by a trygon and a huge swarm of gaunts. this is the last pict record of the battle, whether the warboss survived or not is unknown, warp storms in the area disrupted our data link.

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Psych Analysis:
I got absolutely brilliant powers on both Flyrant(lifeleech and haemorrage) and Tervigon but apart from using Iron Arm every turn to keep the tervs toughness up i didnt use any others (got endurance and warp speed too for tervi). Three powers for the tervigon is BOSS! It was toughness nine at one point.

MVP: Flyrant/Tervigon tie.

The Flyrant was only hit once all game and didnt get grounded, the Orks were busy vapourizing my ground units. He vector striked three times in the game and got hull points off stuff every time if i remember rightly, he also killed a vehicle every turn. To be honest he was frakking amazing, some sort of sky ninja.

The Tervigon didnt get to combat partly due to nothing being near her and partly due to my cagey uncertain movement, she used iron arm all game and had rediculous toughnesses, spawned a total of 32 gaunts (bear in mind i didnt spawn on my turn 1) before she went kaput. Her gaunts killed lots of boyz and swarmed over two objectives, even helping kill the warboss' unit at the end. She dominated with her gaunts and mitigated my mistakes with gargs and hormies (who both got vaporized instantly).

Fail Award goes to...
My hormagaunts, i didnt really know which units of his were in which vehicles (he did tell me, i just forgot instantly like a noob ) so they all got killed in one volley by burnas in a trukk haha!

Facepalm Award goes to...

Trygons, rolled 1 twice in a row for them as reserves in turn two. When they did show up one instadied, which wasnt unexpected, the last one made up for it by hurting the boss, a nob and his retinue with some buffed termagaunts backing them up.

Unlucky Bro award goes to...

Ork dakkajet, showed up late.. killed one hive guard because i made a silly amount of saves then it got locked in its trajectory by hive guard returning fire. Floated off the board into ongoing reserves and never returned..


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Philamilapeed (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice BatRep, I'm really a fan of the narrative style you went for, it was very fresh and entertaining (although it is a little confusing trying to figure out what happened on a turn-by-turn basis). But one big thing I have to note, Hive Guard are not allowed to take spores pods (sad, I know).

Other Comments

DukeDolman (Over a year ago): - delete
Dem burnaz... seriously terrifying!

Skarshak (Over a year ago): - delete
Next time we'll know what we missed & tweak accordingly as we pound on each other in the upcoming rematch!
The dice gods were definitely against both of us through out the game. The game was a blast regardless and im looking forward to the next one.

Ork MVP: Da Burna Wagon - Da Big Mek and his Burna Boys pretty much having their way is always fun!

DukeDolman (Over a year ago): - delete
Ok i double-double checked! They cant use a spore, methinks dem boyz deserve a rematch!

DukeDolman (Over a year ago): - delete
Hold on.. just check my Codex it says mycetic spores can take infantry... and in the army list it says Hive Guard are infantry.. was that FAQ'd or something? Hrrm... Confused!

DukeDolman (Over a year ago): - delete
Thanks alot Philamilapeed, i really came up with these report as an after-thought because i had some nice pics, next time ill try and get the format better for everyone to follow The hive guard thing was the biggest mistake overall in the battle... what actually happened was i brought them in with outflank, then a turn later realized they cant outflank I suggested we give them a spore (40pts) in exchange for me reducing one of my trygons from a prime to a regular trygon(wasnt in play yet at that stage) and my opponent kindly agreed. As you have just pointed out even my attempt to make up for my mistake was against the rules! Facepalm!

DukeDolman (Over a year ago): - delete
IT SHOULD BE NOTED: The 'facts' contained above are recounted from memory and therefore may be missing some finer points I didnt take notes so...

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Hey folks, id like to dedicate this batrep to Miniwargamer Matt, who is the person who inspired me to play Nids :) Three firsts for me here; first game of 6th edition, first game with Tyranids and first game with the Dorklords wargaming club! Special thanks to Skarshak and the gang for helping me with the rules :p

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