3000 pt. SM army list

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Published on: Mar 30, 2011

this is my 3rd and final try. (i hope)

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Army Lists

ARMIES: Space Marines

Space Marine Army List

Chapter Master
*Relic Blade

Librarian-100 pts. ***
*No weapon changes

Tactical Squad
*10 man squad
* Meltagun
* Lascannon
* Sergeant w/ Powerfist

Tactical Squad ***
*10 man squad
*Heavy Bolter
*Sergeant w/ Powerfist

Tactical Squad
*10 man squad
*Sergeant w/ Powerfist

Scout Squad
*5 man squad
*all snipers
*all camo cloaks

Dedicated Transports:
Rhino ***
*Hunter-Killer missile
*Extra Armour

*Extra Armour

*Extra Armour

Terminator Assault Squad
*5 man squad
*3 Thunder hammers and storm shields
*2 Lightning claws

Dreadnought (switchable weapons, points untotaled) ***
Right Arm:
*Twin-linked Lascannon
Left Arm:
*Missile Launcher
*Close Combat Arm

Dreanought (same as above)

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder Squadron
*3 heavy flamers
*3 tornado pattern multi-meltas

Bike Squad
*8 man squad
*1 attack bike upgraded with multi-melta
*Sergeant w/ power weapon
*1 meltagun

Heavy Support:
Land Raider Crusader

Predator- (switchable weapons, points untotaled)
*Twin-linked lascannon
Side sponsons:
*Heavy bolters

Predator (same as above)

2410 points

anymore changes needed???
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