24 Hour Live Stream Followup

About This Video

Published on: Mar 26, 2019

Thank you so much to all those that participated!

GAME: Age of Sigmar

TYPE: Video Logs


Here are the details I cover in the video:


All prizes will start to go out next week. We will pay for shipping to wherever you are.

Only those on the stream were able to win prizes. If you won a prize make sure that you "whisper" your email address or postal address to us on Twitch using the account that you won from.

Narrative Campaigns

Thanks to the generous contributions of those on the stream, we are going to be posting the following narrative campaigns COMPLETELY FREE on YouTube, in the following order:

Gorkamorka Season 1
Gorkamorka Season 2
Yogvir and Tor

We will start this probably next week.

Live Stream Schedule This Week

Due to Adepticon the only scheduled live show that we will do this week is the Shrine of Chaos. All other shows will start up again next week.

24 Hour Stream Posting

Wrath and Glory Session 4 will be posted on YouTube on Wednesday, with Session 5 posted on Friday.

The rest is available on Twitch VOD right now, and will be available on the Silver Vault by the end of this week.

Dave's Tau Adventure

Dave is hoping to start painting Tau next week, with battle reports to follow shortly after.

Our Next RPG Show

Our next RPG show (which will be Dungeons and Dragons 5e) will start late April, early May.
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