1500 point Dark Elf Army

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ThePunkie (Over a year ago): - delete
LIZARDMEN !!!!!!!!

gosford (Over a year ago): - delete

Things you need... (or need to do)
1.) Sorceress. lvl 4 Lord of Shadow. Want to run another? Great, run a lvl 2 Fire. moving on. Every game, at least one.
2.) Make sure you run your corsairs wide and your spearmen in a bus (5 wide max).
3.) Black Guard - Executioners are okay, but you really need to have a full unit of 20 BG. They are the essential hammer of your army. Black Guard. Black Guard. Black guard.
4.) Dark Riders - 2 units of 5 Dark Riders for misdirection. These guys are the bees knees.
5.) Shades - eriously. Shades are butter. Once you play more games and face a lot of warmachines or start to figure out misdirection, these guys will soon hit your pocketbook. Start off by running a couple units of 5.
6.) Harpies - Thes gals are great. Run units of 5 behind your starting lines and fly them up in front to cut off charges from your enemy. Great chaff.
7.) Cauldron of Blood. I cannot stress to you how important this is. this alone can save save your ass and save you points elsewhere. For example, don't pay for shields on your warriors. If you think they are about to get charged next round, give them the 5+ ward. Otherwise, throw the buffs on your black guard. The 5 ward is going to be your bread and butter with this but both the 1 attack and Killing Blow can be nice for corsairs and black guard. Just judge your situations. 90% of the time you will most likely use the 5 ward.
8.) If you decide to run witches, run them wide and no more than 2 ranks. These girls are made to slam your opponent, chop them up to bits and then die. the fluff literally explains how to use them. Kamikaze units for sure but lethal to no end.

Things to avoid in 8th...
1.) Assassins - They can be useful but for the most part they are expensive hit or miss.
2.) Running less than 10 or more than 10 CoK in a unit. It's either not enough to be points effective or a waste of points. 10 is solid, but remember they are immune to psych and can't flee which is a HUGE tactic for Cav in fantasy. HUGE. So if you take a unit of CoK, they are there to slam units you dont want touching anything else.
3.) Cold One Chariots - cool in theory, but again, Immune to Psych and can't flee.
4.) Bolt Throwers - Pretty lame in 8th. They aren't garbage but not worth the points imo. Points better used elsewhere.
5.) Manticore - Not worth the points. Also, it's not a Hydra.
6.) Named Characters -Pretty much all of them except crone helebron who can turn your witch elves into core, but that's a themed list and usually collectors do that once they're main force is built.

I don't consider myself a dark elf master but i have been playing them for a few years now and know some dirty tricks. pm me if you ever have any more questions.


Celtic78 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hail, to the new guy!

miguel77 (Over a year ago): - delete
A few must haves
Sorcerer with Shadow and Sac Dagger in big spear unit
More Harpies !

oldmanfang (Over a year ago): - delete
they are awesome.

lordlorien (Over a year ago): - delete
Great to see some more Fantasy going on. Just joined with a Vault Membership and am starting in 40k with 6th edition. For 40k your content is great. I love to see Matt and Dave and everybody else play 40k. Also painting and terrain stuff is out there. But so far I am missing some more content for my beloved W:FB!
So nice to see you picking up on a DE project! So what you really need for your army is magic. Bring out the filth of DE magic. DE Spears are only really fun in Mindrazor mode so lvl 4 sorceress where are you . The GW plastic model is also quite recent an I personally like it at least. And it is plastic so another bonus.
Can do anything wrong with that model. Well and she defaults to shadow magic I guess .
Have fun with the army and welcome to W:FB!

oldmanfang (Over a year ago): - delete
about time fantasy is so under covered here

jbrown1214 (Over a year ago): - delete
Great to hear MWG will be doing more WHFB batreps. Would suggest more repeater bolt thrower and hydras.

Lunaraia (Over a year ago): - delete
oh, yeah i'd like to see some dark elf Assassins, as when i hear Dark elf that's pretty much the first thing i think of.

raydash (Over a year ago): - delete
Owen!!!! Glad to see you join the team. I would like to see you fight Matt's army or Vampire Lords And more Tau, please!!!

Other Comments

Angelus-Aureus (Over a year ago): - delete

Magro (Over a year ago): - delete
Over here some 40-50% of touranment lists are DE.

You should do well if you get the right mix of units.

By now you have played many times so you know what you like anyway.

Please make the elves on Elves fight. It is bloody and like derbys.

fatrat1 (Over a year ago): - delete
BRETTONIANS please !!!!!!!!!

Nagorian (Over a year ago): - delete
I'd recommend, if you'll be running a horde, make it executioners. Bring a hag with the cauldron for either extra attacks or 5+ ward, and the best thing to add to it, a hag queen BSB with the banner of hag graef. This grants Allways strike first, which will negate the greatweapons allways strike last, meaning you'll attack at your Initiative, making them alot more survivable.

Give the hag BSB the Rune of Khaine for D3 attacks and Dark Venom. This doubles this doubles your wounds done in a challenge for combat resolution.

So, use her for challenges so that you'll strike first, and most likely kill anything that can be killed, making sure she's safe from enemy attacks.

That said, a horde needs screeners and redirectors to set up benefitial charges, so go for 3 units of harpies and two of shades so you'll have plenty of optionsin the fight.

Corsairs, with their 4 armor save VS shooting are great for close combat. Give them the additional hand weapon and the sea serpent standard for Frenzy, and you'll have a killing machine thats a headache for any opponent.

Add a level 4 sorc with shadow, and possibly a level 1 as well to insure your level 4 gets Mindrazor.

Str 8 3 attacks from the front rank plus supporting attacks with rerolls to hit and a possible additional attack from the cauldron makes them better than any other model in your army, IF you manage to mindrazor them.
The Slaver rule means you'll be able to catch near any unit that flees from you as well.

For the rest of your core, go with Xbows. That way you'll have a bunker or two for your sorcs as well.

The hydra is good, but people have learned to counter them very well, so it may just be an expensive fireball and canon magnet.
Bolt throwers have a task to perform, but I rarely bring them, as 10 crossbowmen do the job alot better IMO, even though the enemy gets armor saves

Other Lord choices would be the unkillable Lord on a peg with 1 AS from the armor of darkness and the pendant of khaeleth for reverse ward saves if you meet opponents with high STR. Crimson death lets you allways strike at STR 6, without going last.

Long rant, but DE armies are a force to be reconed with if you build the army right.

jacwgn3 (Over a year ago): - delete
Use bolt throwers

dggrj (Over a year ago): - delete
Miguel77 nailed it, imo. Many armies move _fast_ in fantasy, harpies are great to redirect and slow them down. Ignoring magic is also a very risky move with DE. Sadly due to the squishiness of elves, putting one on a dragon as a giant target is not worth the points until bigger battles, usually, 3K+.

enkiel (Over a year ago): - delete
add ;
1 Cauldron
30 Witch Elves
20 Black Guard

And with what you currently have, you're pretty much set for anything (obviously, a 2nd hydra is a good idea too, but some people call it cheesy).

Usul (Over a year ago): - delete
So for bat reps, It would be very cool if you would use Terrain and at some point some storm of magic.

Usul (Over a year ago): - delete
@LordHamshire: Indeed they do. Just email them before - bring your army and play a few games

LordHamshire (Over a year ago): - delete
@Usul Yeah, kinda. I live in Utah. I didn't know they played games with random people? Do they?

Greystoke (Over a year ago): - delete
I like shades and assassins. Add some of them. Tried corsairs a couple of times, but I don't see what is wrong with them. Why don't you like them?

jleott (Over a year ago): - delete
Welcome good sir! I would love to see you faceing ogres!

Usul (Over a year ago): - delete
So I would love to see you play Matthew and his new Tomb King. Also it seems that Paul has both Elfes and Orcs and goblins , So I'd be interested in seeing these match up. I personnaly play Ogres, Brets and O&G.

Usul (Over a year ago): - delete
@Tomm666: For beastmen look for oncebitten360 he's got a bunch of beastmen bat reps.

Usul (Over a year ago): - delete
@LordHamshire: Why Can't you , living too far away ?

Engine-of-the-Dead (Over a year ago): - delete
Couple of tips, i have played darkelves many a time and i know for a fact that Sorcerers with the lore shadow are the backbone of any dark elf army, and the corsairs i noticed you were ranking up, well i would recommend putting them in horde formations, and a cauldron to give nasty stuff to your units

LordHamshire (Over a year ago): - delete
I wish I could bring my Lizardmen down there and play ya.

Killbybean123 (Over a year ago): - delete
Can you please do some tau tactica and some tau battle reports as I am just starting out collecting them

TaikDaBrain (Over a year ago): - delete
Yay fantasy. Im not a dark elf player, but I know for sure that you should never neglect your core choices. Add eneough spearmen to make a horde, a unit size 40 is good for any spear horde unit, 50 if you want wounds to spare. You have alot of corsairs. I dont know all their special rules, but I do know they hav a lot of attacks, which is less effective in bigger units. I suggest that take your corsairs and split them into two units and use them as light glas hammers. against smaller unts they will be more cost efficient then.

LordHamshire (Over a year ago): - delete
P.S. A Oldblood on a Carnosaur with a Blade of Realities... That's what's kills a Hydra every time, lol.

LordHamshire (Over a year ago): - delete

I would love to see Lizardmen, whether it's you collecting them, or playing against them.

bigbadbo (Over a year ago): - delete
How are you able to take a Dragon in a 1500 pt army? - Doesn't it need a rider? the cheapest being a dreadlord (140 pts) on a black dragon (360 pts) = 480 pts in total?

JBentley (Over a year ago): - delete
bolt throwers and executioners.

Ehooyung (Over a year ago): - delete
For your dark elves you should definitely add more repeater crossbow men. Also add at least one more hydra because they are one of the single best monsters in fantasy by far. As for your tau just wait for the new codex at the beginning of the new year. There will be some really nice surprises that are guaranteed to make Dave say, and I quote, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!" (high pitch voice cracking)

Lostcitygames (Over a year ago): - delete
You should say that your name is miniwargaming Owen not just plain Owen.
I'm not trying to sound bossy but it's what Dave, Dan,Matt and Joe do.

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