113 Tweaks Found In NEW Blood Angels Codex + Review

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Vissirra (9 days ago): - delete
Hey Dave, a note on taking wargear options that are no longer Codex options. Here is a handy (official) flow chart.

Cwj1138 (9 days ago): - delete
Dave should either redo the video or post a follow up. All his references to the loss of units and war gear options are wrong.
swwash (9 days ago): - delete
Obviously the flow chart in the link above enables missing Index war gear etc, for the time being. But Dave was reviewing the codex, and these items/models are missing from the codex. Given their omission, and that they are termed "Classic" in the flow chart, one has to wonder how long these options/models will be available. What happens when the Indicies go out of print? When will the indicies go out of print, maybe after all codices are released?

There is a reason that Games Workshop omitted these "Classic" options and I dont think it was so that they could continue selling the Index books in the medium term.

Kaptin-Obvious (9 days ago): - delete
Prefer this type as view as I like the detail and gives a good idea of what a codex consists of before purchase, thanks

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Godzilla117 (2 days ago): - delete
Love the video, next time can you add any lore updates that are in the codex? I'm too busy to read the whole book word for word to find anything new

Demon666 (9 days ago): - delete
Wait...DC can take two chainswords now...... praise Sanguninius!!
chris498 (19 hours ago): - delete
Where does the video or codex reference this?

Zustiur (9 days ago): - delete
Thank you Dave, I too prefer this style of 'review' rather than the 'bed time story'.

Phoenix98 (9 days ago): - delete
i think its a bad thing that customization seems to have been cut down on.

Lucas37 (9 days ago): - delete
Is this the longest Dave h as ever sat still?

Cwj1138 (9 days ago): - delete
Cwj1138 (9 days ago): - delete
not sure what happened but my post went up blank

mark0pollo (9 days ago): - delete
I'm not a Blood Angels player. I watched this because I knew Dave would be a very excited Dave and give me a good look into a different army. So fun to listen to and very thorough. You're awesome and I hope the chaos gods gifted you with a great nap after doing this.

99arcturus (9 days ago): - delete
at 5:50ish I believe they changed the wording to remove the distinction

ScouseTrev (9 days ago): - delete
Great review, Dave, even more so considering the gargantuan effort you made with no sleep. Really appreciated.

I'm really looking forward to playing the new Codex.

I think you're right about its level, it's about as top tier as any Space Marine Codex, but there is much more variety and options now. I think, with the right units, it will give any army a run.

Thanks again! Off to watch the Batrep with me!

99arcturus (9 days ago): - delete
I like how detailed it is

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MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
Added: December 2, 2017
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Dave reviews the NEW Blood Angels codex and shares the 113 changes/tweaks/additions he found while combing through the new book. Also, 19 new units that are part of the army now!

Found in:
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