10,000 Points Apocalypse Chaos Daemons vs Tyranids - Warhammer 40k Battle Report

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Fraeyr (4 weeks ago): - delete
As fitting an alpha legion player, Quirk has successfully infiltrated the upper echelon of MWG as Dave himself...

Whitechapel (4 weeks ago): - delete
Now that we got that out of the way, please can we have GorkaMorka S2? Pretty pleeaase? :3

Bobjoy (4 weeks ago): - delete
I love this! I love the way you filmed and cut it. I love the way you jest each other. I love the dancing Matthew. And I feel soooo sorry for Quirk and roling this bad this much. And I love how happy Matthew gets when Quirk rolls poorly.

I want more of these! Even if it just one a month or something like that it will be a highlight each month.

James Walsh (4 weeks ago): - delete
Love the dancing Matthew bit

Lucas37 (4 weeks ago): - delete

Kaptin-Obvious (4 weeks ago): - delete
Two comments:

One, at the start at deployment I would have sped up both your depoyment recordings so they only took a minute or so instead of 14 mins.

Also Matt I know it speeds things up sometimes but I don't really enjoy you removing models by the squad because statistcally they should all die. This is Quirk rolling and I know of many times where a unit should have died but they didn't and then did something amazing.

Just my own personal opinion on this but other than that this was certainly awesome to watch

Gianc22 (4 weeks ago): - delete
The reason you didn't need an amnesty between titans is because you're not jerks and you played in the spirit of an apocalypse batrep and not to win at all cost. Thank you for that! Great Batrep!
DarrenBartlett (3 weeks ago): - delete
FYI - Matt forgot about the amnesty as he shoot at a Titan (Lord of Skulls) with his titan (Hierophant) in turn one (for over 100 damage!). In his defense, the Lord of Skulls was hard to ignore as it was only a couple of inches away so it would have felt odd not to shoot at it.

NKWulf (4 weeks ago): - delete
Quirk..../sigh those die rolls man..I am truly sorry.

Mcjmatthew (4 weeks ago): - delete
Great Batrep! I've been needing a GOOD Tyranids game to watch, and was even more awesome with Apoc! Please keep the Nids thematic Batreps coming!! \m/

tyranidfan9 (4 weeks ago): - delete
Epic game. My thoughts on who was going to win went back and forth every turn, and I loved the ending. Hope to see some more apocalypse games in the future (maybe Dave against Steve or Josh?)

Other Comments

LeonidLopez (2 weeks ago): - delete
Quirk is mark of Dave, Dave.

daveisdvd (2 weeks ago): - delete
Matt I was thinking for big games like this perhaps seeing if you could rig a camera overhead for the fast forward moving stages might be good. Just a thought.

MysticJackal (3 weeks ago): - delete
That was a great game. I very much enjoyed it.

I did feel that last card kind of ruined it. Matthew shouldnt have been able tot get a warlord kill by winning a dice off.

Other than that, great.

ryan144 (3 weeks ago): - delete
Quirk I think you should get the award for the worlds worse dice roller and this is coming from a guy who rolls bad all the time

FlipmodeSH (3 weeks ago): - delete
Not sure about your treatment of horrors. Understand speeding it up to an extent but could have let Quirk count each pink as 5 for morale purposes too. Minor point, great game.

Angus Khan (3 weeks ago): - delete
I really don't think the empyric storm cards should have been able to remove Quirk's Warmaster. Feels really cheap, especially when points are scored by removing it.

Bolk (3 weeks ago): - delete
Matt, where are those wings for your shrikes from? They're not the old FW ones, are they? Looks awesome.

LeonidLopez (4 weeks ago): - delete
Thank you for the apocalypse game I was really expecting something like this.

Sixko (4 weeks ago): - delete
Really enjoyed this!

misomiso (4 weeks ago): - delete
1)How much more work is it to 'make' a 10,000 batrep compared to normal 40k one (editing filming prep etc)?

2) Do you think next time you do one you would release one on the main channel and one in the vault at the same time? Could taht drive membership?

mny thks

Benny319 (4 weeks ago): - delete
That was such a great game. I look forward to more in the future %uD83D%uDC4D

cldc89 (4 weeks ago): - delete
For the concern at the end about summoning units in, you could always just put a limit on how many units can be summoned per turn.

Chozon1 (4 weeks ago): - delete
Oh, that was beautiful. <3 I can't even imagine the gumption and stamina to finish a game like this. You guys both sounded exhausted by the end. XD

Really, this was just glorious.

Templarknight92 (4 weeks ago): - delete
Deffwatch Season II

PhoenixKing (4 weeks ago): - delete
Double Dancing Matthews!

Nicfradette1992 (4 weeks ago): - delete

corvak (4 weeks ago): - delete
Not sure why this has people talking about Gorkamorka S2 but I support this endeavor

Omegamarines (4 weeks ago): - delete
This was Fantastic to watch Matt and Quirk! Please more of these games!!!

kalenrivers (4 weeks ago): - delete
cool game wife loves the dancing matt dice she heard me laughing and came in to see what was up. keep up the good work, thanks

misomiso (4 weeks ago): - delete
Quick's first name is Dave? That makes you technically correct, the best kind of correct!

Fantastic video guys well done!


Tzarul (4 weeks ago): - delete
alfieabbottgmailcom (4 weeks ago): - delete
gorkamorka is why I became a vault member

wacollins (4 weeks ago): - delete
Great game! Please do more of these.

bmgorton (4 weeks ago): - delete
Nextbit Robin Quirk? I just had to upgrade from mine because it couldn't keep a charge anymore

KagaCaptainCyrus (4 weeks ago): - delete
the warmaster going down that way should not have given Matt the points as it was not his models or abilies that made the kill
kurohasu (4 weeks ago): - delete
Agreed. Card shouldn%u2019t effect the warmaster honestly.

Awesome. Please keep doing Apocalypse battles.

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The Changer of Paths has laid waste to the Imperium world of Nightfall, bringing to fruition centuries of manipulations and cunning planning. However, even this mighty Lord of Change could not account for the extra-galactic threat of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kronos, designed specifically to foil the Daemons' plans.

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