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zoglin (Over a year ago):
I am getting ready to build a new set of terrain pieces. It will be for GW old world fantasy. That's because I have never gotten a chance to play 8th edition even though I spent a ton of money on it a few years ago. I just hit burn out. Now that AoS is here, I am feeling as if I missed my chance. So I am trying to recover some value on my investment with actual play time at home.
zoglin (Over a year ago):
Starting a Space Marine Crimson Fists Army. Chaplain, tactical, rhino, devastators, scouts, dreadnought, land speeder - 750 points.
zoglin (Over a year ago):
I am reading about Malifaux. The miniatures are awesome. I wish I could paint like so many of the professional painters do their minis.