Attack Of The Nids


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I have a small army of tyranids and orks and a normal sized army of space marines.
I love to make things if you want me to build anything i will try to make it. But it may take some time because i have to find all the resources to make it.



Marneus Calgar with armour of Antilochus points-265
Honour Guard squad of 4 pionts-150
chapter master with power sword points-140
Captain on bike with a power fist points-160

Tactical squad 1 of ten with sergeant with chainsword and marine with flamer points-170
Tactical squad 2 of ten with a sergeant with a power fist and marine with a plasma gun and marine with missile launcher point-190
Scout squad with 1 heavy bolter, 4 sniper rifles and 4 camo cloaks points-87
Scout squad with 2 shotguns, 3 bolt pistols and combat blades points-75

Dedicated Transports:
Rhino (Tactical squad 1) with storm bolter points-45
Land raider crusader (Terminator squad) with a storm bolter and a hunter-killer missile points-270

Terminator squad points-200
Dreadnought points-105
Ironclad Dreadnought with two hunter killer missiles points-155
Venerable Dreadnought with plasma cannon / assault cannon points-175

Fast attack:
Assault squad points-100
Space marine bike squad(4 marines) points-115
Space marine attack bike squad with one multi-melta (3 marines) points-130
Land speeder with a typhoon missile launcher points- 90

Heavy support:

Total points-2'652


Tyranid prime with lash wipe and bonesword and adrenal glands
Tervigon with crushing claws, implant attack and adrenal glands

Ymgarl genstealer brood of 5

Genstealer brood 1 of 14 with scything talons, adrenal glands and one broodlord
Genstealer brood 2 of 10 with adrenal glands
Tyranid warrior brood of 5 with adrenal glands and deathspitters and one warrior with venom cannon
Termagant brood of 34
Hormagant brood of 12 with adrenal glands
Ripper swarm of 4 bases with spinefists

Dedicated Transports:
Mycetic sporewith barbed strangler

Fast Attack:
1 Harpy with adrenal glands, toxin sacs, regeneration
10 Gargoyles

Heavy Support:
Trygon prime with adrenal glands and regeneration
Trannofex with fleshbore hive and desiccator larvae


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