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Hormagaunt review
Hormagaunt review
i review the hormagaunts, if the review is too terrible i just might make another one
Ravener Review
Ravener Review
leave a quick comment telling me which area you want me to film my vids in
Mawloc paint in process 1
Mawloc paint in process 1
this is my first unfinished coat of paint for my mawloc, the parts i thought i missed jussed turned out to be shadows :) im in the process of a ravener review also but its taken me a few takes because i keep getting interupted
Mawloc Review
Mawloc Review
Me telling you guys about what I think about the Mawloc
I uploaded this to youtube but since I bought the painting e-book, which is great, I decided I would use my members sub. to my advantage