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lolololol fr me on xbox live at HLG I Panda I

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Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
I iz SoilingStick on xbox live
sparten (Over a year ago):
actually called MLG KwinkieDink
artman39 (Over a year ago):
look at my new short story!
PIZZAintheAIR (Over a year ago):
Paladin-Zebra (Over a year ago):
indeed 360 all the way
sparten (Over a year ago):
message to all friends i wont get back on at all my X Box LIVE gamertag is A Panda Kitten and im gong to make a 2nd account called iPanda goodbye
chopperdacat (Over a year ago):
whitewar (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
Petoy (Over a year ago):
at my friends house
sparten (Over a year ago):
Im Da Bubbaly on xbox 360
hansolo (Over a year ago):
at the big rock candy mountain the cops have wooden legs and the bulldog have rubber teeth and the hens lay soft boiled eggs
dumdum (Over a year ago):
my pic roks
sparten (Over a year ago):
yea, but more excited about Space Marines on my Xbox
Pikachu (Over a year ago):
some of you guys excited about dawn of war 2 chaos rising?
Random-40k (Over a year ago):
thanks for the sub
Petoy (Over a year ago):
Petoy (Over a year ago):
cool, you should post it. if you need help, just mail me
sparten (Over a year ago):
do you collect chaos?
Petoy (Over a year ago):
thx for sub
sparten (Over a year ago):
hi im back and i have a video camera so i can post some vids
sparten (Over a year ago):
sry i wont be on a lot because i have xbox live send me a message of your gamertag at
hansolo (Over a year ago):
wat is up my funky freind
kraizer (Over a year ago):
hey man, thax for the sub.
AFatalPapercut (Over a year ago):
btw bro im selling my tau stuff.
kklliinnee (Over a year ago):
sorry havent been on in a while