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painting minis and making some bits. all good fun. i don't sub for sub, if you like what i do then sub if you dont well theres not much point lol.
Come find me and follow along on my new blog @

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Necrons so far
Necrons so far
Short video showcaseing what necrons i have painted so far
Ork conversions
Ork conversions
a few pics of some of my Ork conversions.
A few grey knights
A few grey knights
A few Grey Knights i painted up quick for a friend. please excuse the pic quality.
a few of my recent terrain pieces
WIP Vampire counts army
WIP Vampire counts army
my vampire counts army wip.

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gobzillagob (Over a year ago):
dide I just wanna say I love ur conversions! and I subbed
timelaps (Over a year ago):
hi rich il have a internet line in january then i can post up the prancing pony inn allong some other stuff grts timelaps
arvo12 (Over a year ago):
good job!
rich9517 (Over a year ago):
going to start to post my ork army as i get them painted. working on my warbikers so should be done soon.