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warhammer 40k vlog #1
warhammer 40k vlog #1
hey guys this is my first video dedicated to pathfinder_wargames, and its just basicly showing some stuff im working on ATM
my army list
my army list
hey guys!! =) check this out!

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nicknoo (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub?
Zhanke (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
whitewar (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
necronplayer111 (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
nidprime6 (Over a year ago):
the force organization chart: 1-2 HQ 2-6 TROOPS 0-3 ELITES 0-3 FAST ATTACK and 0-3 HEAVY SUPPORT
nidprime6 (Over a year ago):
what i meant by rough edges is use a hobby knife to scrape on the outside edge of the hole to expose the rough inside to make it rough and not clean lil holes
nidprime6 (Over a year ago):
hi,but e will you make a real list,like force org chart?
jayjay813 (Over a year ago):
rhino is just about done!
jayjay813 (Over a year ago):
vlog 1 now up
bamsefar444 (Over a year ago):
jayjay813 (Over a year ago):
army list now up!
Random-40k (Over a year ago):
NIce suggestions mate. Lords of wrath has a nice ring to it
dingholio (Over a year ago):
for the gem eyes for ultramarines, follow the steps for blue, but start out with scab red, then blood red, then a mix 2/3 blood red 1/3 skull white for the last streak, then the white dot... This help?
matteuse (Over a year ago):
shamethemus (Over a year ago):
ya Ive had that whole board finished now for like 3 months I guess I should post it