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how to make a bunker
how to make a bunker
to any army
mega machine gun
mega machine gun
TO IMPIRIAL GUARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
green stuff tips to impiral guards
green stuff tips to impiral guards
this is how to make green stuff hair to impirial guard and a sniper to and a base

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Make your own Deff Dread (fixed)
Make your own Deff Dread (fixed)
Tjis is the FIXED version of my video. It shows you how to make a quick, simple, and cheap way of making a decent looking 40k Ork Deff Dread. Enjoy!
My IG army
My IG army
A redo on a video on my army.
Converted Death Korps Tutorial Part 1.0
Converted Death Korps Tutorial Part 1.0
A tutorial on how to create the death korps of krieg gas mask/helmet, lasgun w/bayonette, and a few other things. Enjoy
Highliting effects
Highliting effects
It is not mine, but i hope it helps some of you.
The last samurai Warhammer style
The last samurai Warhammer style
This is a remake of the last samurai battle in the end of the film

Hope you enjoy

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Kelush (Over a year ago):
i love ur stuff subbed ya!
fUN-LoLface (Over a year ago):
Come check out my new channel for my new Necron army!! (Immortal-Overlord)
chubbydragon (Over a year ago):
one closer to 100
nicknoo (Over a year ago):
subbed! also how the hell do you have 95 subbers and only three pieces of content?
Kelush (Over a year ago):
are u seriously gay? and fantasy orcs is spelt with a "c" ... just letting u know ^_^ do u have content up on ur fantasy yet?
Darkdragon (Over a year ago):
sorry took me a while, but whas it a cool battle and how are u
Imperial-Guardsman (Over a year ago):
"Imperial Guards ftw" I can't agree more.
Zhanke (Over a year ago):
i understand , sorry if i offended you
fUN-LoLface (Over a year ago):
Lol, er også fra Norge! SUBING...
darkmessiah (Over a year ago):
hi dude
carnifexofwar (Over a year ago):
my first army was nids....I then(soon after) saw a deamon prince of nurgle and thought about getting a chaos army...which I did
MYGUNZBURST (Over a year ago):
lowrence-jack (Over a year ago):
i got a new video
shinto-kamikaze (Over a year ago):
bruce dickinson,worst singer ever ever ever in the history of recorded music
LordOfDecay (Over a year ago):
Jeg skal se dem her i Washginton DC, kansje i Bergen.
xrobtion (Over a year ago):
how can u still be on mwg impirialgay?? i thought you were gone!!
DEMONPLATYPUS (Over a year ago):
i have one its armored with a plasma cannon
tonythetaudude (Over a year ago):
forresten jeg er norsk men vil bare at alle skal forstå
hansolo (Over a year ago):
how does my gard list sound .......1 sentNAL extra armor and lascanan 30 gardsmen 1 commander each and a gernade lancher 2 lemon russes both with hul emoubnted las cannons and 2 heavy bolter side sponses 3 hevy weopon teeme all with las cannons a command squad.... i verse alot of tanks
Ronin (Over a year ago):
Lol. I don't even spend enough time on this part of the site. You'll find me on the forums, harassing other users. xD
CoolGuysWhoSitatHome (Over a year ago):
Hi! thanks for subscribing to our Page.
Merawder (Over a year ago):
your awsome WaAAAAAAAAAAAAaAaAaaaaaaaaAAAAGH!
WarPetrie (Over a year ago):
thanks for the sub
AlittlebitofChaos (Over a year ago):
hello! To answer your question, no the imperial guard is not the false emperor, but the Actual "Emperor" IS! This is just a term coming from Chaos Space Marines because they hate the emperor.
RubbishInRubbishOut (Over a year ago):
G'day mate. Thanks for subscribing, glad you like my Videos!