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This channel is for dwarfs, chaos space marines, imperial guardsmen, and people who just want to be here!

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I'm asking the world to help me name my squad! PLEASE!!!! :P
Warhammer Update 1
Warhammer Update 1
In this video I tell you what I have been doing in the wargamming world. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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nicknoo (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub!?
TauofMontKa (Over a year ago):
Part of the big story is up, but i'm going to bed earlyso it's only a snippet, enjoy it anyways!
TauofMontKa (Over a year ago):
I will, sounds like he could be an interesting character!
iainfall11 (Over a year ago):
Sorry guys, I wasn't able to put out any videos due to me getting glasses, starting genomes in science, my grandma's birthday, an apocopips battle in witch chaos (I was part of) epicly owned the elder, and an inquisitor game which I was sergeant stone and suffered a sevver wound to the groin, had system shock, passed out, then get bashed to death by a mutant!
TauofMontKa (Over a year ago):
Part 3 is out now, please enjoy!
TauofMontKa (Over a year ago):
i'm not sure, try to think "right, what do they specialise in? What weapons do they use a lot of (or prefer)?" things like that, put them together, make up a planet, and there you have e.g Calonian Grenadiers
iainfall11 (Over a year ago):
Thanks guys! I appreciate the support!
TauofMontKa (Over a year ago):
thx for the comment
CedarRed12 (Over a year ago):
TauofMontKa (Over a year ago):
The next story parts out man! hope you enjoy it! awesome vid man as well!
CedarRed12 (Over a year ago):
Love your video please subscribe back!
TauofMontKa (Over a year ago):
your serious bout that comment! thanks man, I didn't think it was that good, just something I did on impulse, thanks again man btw sub!
Syrinx-Command (Over a year ago):
Im definetly a chaos marine
Zhanke (Over a year ago):
hi, sub foe sub?
Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago):
wait what did I put up?
iainfall11 (Over a year ago):
Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago):
Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago):
thanks for the sub subbed you back!
iainfall11 (Over a year ago):
I have a imperial guard kinda short story thing that involves a bunch of stupid heretics being killed. Should I put this up?
Metalfoxfurry (Over a year ago):
Chaos duh duh duh Chaos
iainfall11 (Over a year ago):
HELLO!!!! thanks for commenting
laurian (Over a year ago):
warhammer was invented in nottingham, england by studets about 35 years ago i think but it was very basic, it was not untill games workshop started funding it that it became big
shinto-kamikaze (Over a year ago):
warhammer is big in the uk,but im from ireland,its a republic and not in the united kingdom
AlbertWoods (Over a year ago):
thx i will try to post one as soon as possible i am working on it right now thx for the comment!