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This channel is about all the space ork stuff that i've bin working on. I hope u like it, and plz subscribe!!

i'm fourteen and i'm realy new to warhammer 40k. i have an army list of:

-36 ork boys
-5 burna boyz
-2 truks
-1 battl wagon
-3 deff koptas
-9 nobs
-10 bikerz
-3 mega nobs
-6 warboss's
-1 pain-boy
-and an endless amount of unbuilt grots

if any of u have advice on how 2 paint ork skin go ahead and plz let me know!!

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Ork gate
Ork gate
this is the gate 2 my almost dun Ork fortress.
and yes i will b postin sum content on the Ork fortress as soon as it is complete.and srry for you guys havin to keep on opening links! its just that im having a lil bit of trubble with my computr.
plz subscribe and don't ferget to rate!!
Ork war bunker
Ork war bunker
this is the Ork war bunker that i made on my spare time. i hope u like it and plz subscribe!!