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hey guys, ive been away from the hobby for aaaaages and ive recently restarted with a space wolves army
i am currently at 3736 points
my army so far :
-logan grimnar
-canis wolf born
-2 rune priests
-1 wolf lord
-1 wolf priest

-9 wolf gaurd
-10 wolf gaurd
-6 wolf gaurd
-6 wolf gaurd
-1 venerable dreadnaught/bjorn the fell handed
-5 wolf scouts
-10 wolf scouts
-1 lone wolf

-6 grey hunters
-10 grey hunters
-9 blood claws with lukas the trickster
-9 blood claws

-5 sky claws

-5 long fangs

-1 rhino
-2 drop pods

and yh i know ive got way too many elites an HQ, but im aiming for a apocalypse army anyways.
in the future i may be getting a couple of land raiders and another dreadnaught.
soon i might be starting a ravenwing army, cos the mini's are amazing!

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space wolf army list
space wolf army list
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goffs painting tutorial
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