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for all the warhammer 40k player out there. i might start doing tutorials but i dont know.i will be showing my tyranid color scheme here soon once i get it all assembled and painted.(hint)it might look like its copyed but it's not.oh and for ppl who dont know i am doing shading effects.i am ok at painting, i think im pretty good at make things and like to have a lot of friends! I'm also 13 at the time for those who want to know.

army list:

8 genstealers
8 hormaguants
8 termigants
3 warriors
1 carnifex
1 brood lord

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Story about warhammer 40k
Story about warhammer 40k
a short story about novamarines, please comment and tell me what you think! Good or bad and plaease tell me things i need to work on if its bad or even if its good. also tell me if you might be intersted in a book similar. Thank you

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cool story
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please check out my short stories
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O and less buddy buddy while there fighting it would probably get them condemed or shot
monalithlord14 (Over a year ago):
Hay man when you write itid say mix up the deaths insted of all head shots
bennybenben (Over a year ago):
oh yeah, sorry about that, as i saw the content, i saw a lot of mistakes, so i am going to re-do it and post it up again soon
bennybenben (Over a year ago):
can you check out my space marine story ive put up so far and tell me what you think please, thanks
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that sounds good
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DarthVader (Over a year ago):
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nice story dude!!
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ok thanks, ill remember it next time
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also in the next part i plan on explaining why they are there and what has happened
bennybenben (Over a year ago):
thank you for the help, i have sorted it out, thanks again
bennybenben (Over a year ago):
in part two, it said that Lendrik wore two powerfists hence it made a crater
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Art man i am EraserRazor u dont need to ask me twice haha but i will do dont worry
EraserRazor (Over a year ago):
will do artman
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