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Eldar vs. Blood Angels 2000p
Eldar vs. Blood Angels 2000p
Maugan Ra vs. Mephiston! First time ever Eldar -player (me) using the Bastion! Wow! Because the Blood Angels -player dislikes the Maelstrom Missions, we have four objectives (1p each) + Kill Points in this clash of the armies...Shall the Maugetar reek havoc on the poor marines or shall the Force Wepons of Mephiston and Cotez do their worst on the NON Psyker Eldar list...find out, like and subscribe and tell a friend! Remember, that all of the batreps are 7th edition!
Space Wolves vs. Orks 1650p
Space Wolves vs. Orks 1650p

1650p and i really brought a Lord of War!! Let´s see how it fares against the Sons of Russ as the two new codexes collide...Maelstrom Mission Cloak & Shadows, Boss Snikrot and Kommandos are again on the board (of course!) ...and as for an Orks -player, only 2 x Troops and Trukks on both, that´s LOW!
Can the Space Wolves break the Monstrocity, or are they outwitting the Orks, by hiding and gathering objectives in silence? Shall the Stompa use it´s awesome firepower to dust the puppies from ...
Chaos Space Marines vs. Iyanden 1500p
Chaos Space Marines vs. Iyanden 1500p
The war in the planet has caused more Chaos relics to activate. Nurgle Daemon Prince Gargothh has been send to collect the items. Iyanden craftworld Farseer Rhakim has seen the plans and intercepts the Chaos forces...

Maelstrom Mission Contact Lost

Come see the old school´ish list of CSM, NO HELDRAKES! And an Iyanden list with NO WRAITHKNIGHT!

This was the TIGHTEST match of the 7th Edition and one of the tightest matches of my WH40K gaming days, c´mon down and Like & Subscribe!

New Orks vs. Blood Angels 1750p
New Orks vs. Blood Angels 1750p
The distress call from the Space Wolves was heard and now the doom ascends for the Orks...Blood Angels are on the hunt with some counter Ork -trickery...

Haven´t seen Land Speeders in a while? Well come on down!

Like, Subscribe and tell a friend!

New Space Wolves vs. New Orks 1500p
New Space Wolves vs. New Orks 1500p
An Eldar player playing Orks, what? YES, DIME TO BASH HUMMIES ´EADS!!
First time ever in our FLGC these two armies collide and they have both got a new codex.
This is one assaulty game, with blood and guts for everyone to enjoy!
1500p took us a recording time of 5-6 hours to play, and i only had about 30+ boys...

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World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
Necrons have awaken! Three matches from ELdar, Grey Knights and Space Wolves against these robotic beings are now up! More to come!
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
Coming up! We are playing a 14,000 point Apocalypse game tomorrow and we try to make a new battrep from it. Its going to be 7000 points of Blood Angels vs. 5000 points of Chaos Traitors and Demons with 1500 points of Ork support (with da Stompa!).
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
More batreps coming out! Subscribe us and check our youtube chanel. We do take requests - so if you have a good battle idea, do tell us about it. Next one is going to be a city fight, with lots of buildings and urban terrain. Hope to see you as our channel subsciber! To next time - RESEDA PRIME production team.
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
New battle report is out. This time its attack and defend mission between the traitor marines and orks. This game includes many mission special rules that we hope you can add to your own games. Hope you enjoy this and please do rate us and add some comment if you like it or if you have an idea that we could use to improve our videos.
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
We are going to play a new battle report game today. Its going to be one of our own missions called "Six-Three". We hope to get it out to you in the end of this week. Stay tuned!