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Hardcore-WolfMarine (Over a year ago):
I like my own army, The booty boyz! lmao
OrkBoyReuben (Over a year ago):
I collect Goffs it was a tuff decission they all R pritty kool!!
wh40krox (Over a year ago):
blood axes all da way
dagoffsisdabest (Over a year ago):
goffs is da best
Choco (Over a year ago):
Yep, they are pretty sweet.
crazygamer52 (Over a year ago):
i like the evil suns
Choco (Over a year ago):
Goffs probablly.
Choco (Over a year ago):
Hey, Orks rule. What clan do you collect? I collect Death Skulls.
Warlord-Thraka (Over a year ago):
eat da bottom ov ma boot!!!!!
Warlord-Thraka (Over a year ago):
WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! %u0220