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My Dark Eldar army consists of:
- 1 Archon/Dracon
- Urien Rakarth
- Drazhar
- 6 Incubi
- 54 Warriors
- 20 Wyches
- 5 Grotesques
- 5 Reaver Jetbikes
- 3 Raiders
- 2 Ravagers

My Chaos Space Marine army consists of:
-Abaddon The Despoiler
-Lucius The Eternal
-1 Daemon Prince
-5 Terminators
-5 Possessed Space Marines
-10 Khorne Berzerkers
-10 Chaos Space Marines

This channel is intended to keep you all up to date on my various Warhammer escapades. Enjoy!

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In A Dark Corner Ep4
In A Dark Corner Ep4
Abbadon the Despoiler, Demon Prince, Chaos Space Marine.
Sneak Peak
Sneak Peak
Here's a sneak peak of what's in store for In A Dark Corner episode 4.
In A Dark Corner Ep3
In A Dark Corner Ep3
Hobby station, Khorne Berzerkers, Skull Champion.
In A Dark Corner Ep2
In A Dark Corner Ep2
The long awaited second episode of In A Dark Corner. In this episode I feature my Dark Eldar Lord, Drazhar Master of the Blades, and the first models of my new army.
In A Dark Corner Ep1 Pt2
In A Dark Corner Ep1 Pt2
Here is episode 1 part 2 of my new monthly Vlog "In A Dark Corner." This episode will be featuring: Green stuff, basing, and conversions. Any questions, comments, or requests are welcome. All music is 100% original. Enjoy!

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darkmessiah (Over a year ago):
hi dude how ya going
crysbat (Over a year ago):
hello mr dark eldar player man
gerard1234 (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
matteuse (Over a year ago):
VuneAlpha12345 (Over a year ago):
Love the bases you make for minatures
gameaholic (Over a year ago):
plz sub to my chan!!
TheBob (Over a year ago):
And better than ever
orkage (Over a year ago):
1. It doesn't take a good speller to play Warhammer. 2. He plays Warhammer, so how bad of a guy could he really be?!? 3. "If you don't have nuthin' nice to say, don't say nuthin'. Awesome stuff.
impiralgay (Over a year ago):
noooooooooooo the imperial of man is gonna die im goona help them hehehehe
TheBob (Over a year ago):
Itsa easy to say for you, you are a pro
Darkdragon (Over a year ago):
so i see you're not a chaos spawn yet, how are you me friend!
Paladin-Zebra (Over a year ago):
I want a talos
chopperdacat (Over a year ago):
im thinking about playing dark eldar
wargamer101 (Over a year ago):
i didnt know people actually played dark chaos jk lolol
Choco (Over a year ago):
Dark Eldar yay!!! (my faverouite fluff wise, I just hate the models lol)
terminaterspammy (Over a year ago):
ur a emo
warhammer-master (Over a year ago):
yo whats up dark! so you said to put pics of my army? k, so i sorta cant cause i dont got a BIG army but i have about 9 or 10 guys so it sucks by the way im 11! SEE YA LATER!
AguaToss (Over a year ago):
sorry I ment 20 not 3
AguaToss (Over a year ago):
It's time for the great Top Ten List! All who want to try out there mini/minis in the list must tell that he would like to participate on it with some content! The content must be in atleast one of these gatecorys: -Warhammer Fantasy -Warhammer 40,000 -Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game -Conversions -How To -Green Stuff The contest will start when thhere are 3 contesters!
AguaToss (Over a year ago):
well it just was my birthday and I got another crisis, that i converted to a commander. And I converted the drones into missile drone and burst drone... and soon I'm going to buy megaforce and convert the 20 fire warriors to 20 pathfinder. Oh and I joinded to youtube and my name is Rang112 in youtube.
AguaToss (Over a year ago):
How's it going with making the minis! And the same on the progress, Have you got something new?
darkmessiah (Over a year ago):
hey just a quick update iv just got 14 ork boys and 2 nobs to paint then ill post a vid
darkmessiah (Over a year ago):
thanx dark iv just got 2 left 2 paint
darkmessiah (Over a year ago):
hey dark check out my channel thers a sneak peak on there of somthing orky love ur dark eldar by the way arosome
Darkdragon (Over a year ago):
Thanks, what the ................... Nice pic's brother, haha