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noting much to say just here to make friends and show terrain.YOU can find me under the same name on youtube.if you play online on these consoles plz add me

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my new terrain
my new terrain
my terrain
My army
My army
this is my army so far
basing snipers
basing snipers
free way to base a sniper
how to make the side guns on a land raider magneti
how to make the side guns on a land raider magneti
how to make the side guns on a land raider magnetic

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Terrain Contest
Terrain Contest
Crashed Land Raider Crusader!

Its gonna win me $100! I hope...

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shinto-kamikaze (Over a year ago):
im in dun laoghaire,were you at?
locbot (Over a year ago):
AlittlebitofChaos (Over a year ago):
darkmessiah helped me with that...all you need is a photobucket account; its free and VERY helpful. Upload the pics you want, then find their IMG code...copy and paste this into your account cannel info section...and voila! Mine took a while to upload when you edit pics, so just be patient. Hope that helped.
Ko-Vash (Over a year ago):
i forgot im looking forward to the terrain
Ko-Vash (Over a year ago):
And i forgot
Ko-Vash (Over a year ago):
Commissar Bob isnt happy with that but still what does he care im converting him to a chaos guard commissar lol
Choco (Over a year ago):
Bobulas Barbarious shall rule earth.....
Ko-Vash (Over a year ago):
Commissar Bob sais hi back and also orders you to join up and do your part! now tharts an order trooper
Ko-Vash (Over a year ago):
Whats up dude Working on anything lately W.B.
mashpotato (Over a year ago):
what country r u in
locbot (Over a year ago):
Ko-Vash (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the advice m8
Vaughn (Over a year ago):
well i'm planing on getting green stuff and molding some parts of my bike and setting those around and in it but now i have 4 more so yea.
Vaughn (Over a year ago):
Hey whats up