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Hey fellow gamers

I live in the Owen Sound area & im also a the chief Waaagh-o-mancer of Da Mek SHop on facebook!

Currently I Collect...

Warhammer 40k:
Orkz "Waaaagh Skarshak" - 18500pts; 11000pts of which is painted!
Chaos Space Marines - 2500pts and growing!

Keep those dice rolling all!


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Grot Tanks Complete
Grot Tanks Complete
Had to share my latest project!
Da "Painted" Waaaagh Skarshak!
Da "Painted" Waaaagh Skarshak!
Here's a few pic's of what I have completely painted in my Ork army!
2500pt Ork Kan Wall - Dual FOC - 6th Edition
2500pt Ork Kan Wall - Dual FOC - 6th Edition
Heres what I played during my last big game in september!
Skarshakz Kanz
Skarshakz Kanz
Just thought id show off some of the Kanz ive finished and a couple HQs, Enjoy

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