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OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
(starter battlegroup) next step: kodiak and infantry, not sure pikes, man o war, or guards...
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
yay! Khador
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
Probably gonna do khador. I will have 2 player battlebox to split with my bro and in addition either berserker or heavy jack, though im not sure which. plz giv me ur advice
fUN-LoLface (Over a year ago):
Come check out my new channel for my new Necron army!! (Immortal-Overlord)
fUN-LoLface (Over a year ago):
Hmm, i do not play fantasy. But i would guess thats legal.
D6gaming (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
Kelush (Over a year ago):
thanx for the sub bra
natt85 (Over a year ago):
and lizardmen, dark elves and alot more
natt85 (Over a year ago):
i also do orcs
natt85 (Over a year ago):
well u cant give most ordinary troops [core choices] majic banners but u give them normal ones at the cost of points they give u battle bonuses and u already subbed my??
Iceman1923 (Over a year ago):
sry for the delay, subbed back! however, I saw the new armybook and models, they are all great, but I think GW is overdoing with prieces. MWG HELP US!!!XD
Iceman1923 (Over a year ago):
np!!! it's a plesure!!!
Iceman1923 (Over a year ago):
if you are speaking about fantasy orcs and goblins, sure!!! all unit may and should have a banner (it gives them +1 in combat resolution and orcs and goblins need it!). the battle banner is only for heroes (you can have only one battle banner)!and also if you are speaking about magic banners, all unit may have one it if the description on the army book specified it! hope this will help you!ty for the sub
Zhanke (Over a year ago):
I have been collecting for almost three years
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
QUESTION FOR FANTSY: I play orcs and goblins and have given many of my units normal banners, not battle standards. Is it legal to put into play more than one banner even if they are normal? I WILL SUBSCRIBE TO ANYONE WHO CAN ANSWER MY QUESTION
Zhanke (Over a year ago):
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
little far. oh well
Narcosis090 (Over a year ago):
near hamburg
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
get some pics in soon
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
to kcajrenreb: awesome! on your hormagaunts do you know how to keep them from falling over. I can't fint a wait small enough to fit under the base inbetween the black model holder thing
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
to chaos ruler: any time
kcajrenreb (Over a year ago):
but 40k orks instead.
kcajrenreb (Over a year ago):
hey I'm an orky nid too! I play orks and nids.
Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago):
thanks for the advice!
shinto-kamikaze (Over a year ago):
just ig,and a few crons,im allso working on a mutant/zombie army,for another non gw game