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Hi this channel is really just me putting out the minis i've painted mostly Blood Angels.
I've just started painting again after 18 years, all the models are left overs if you like from years ago and gifts from friends that have stopped wargaming. So please be kind and if you have any hints or tip please feel free to comment...
Hopefully in the next month or two I'll have a force big enough to take to a GW's or wargaming club and i try and get some batrap recorded. Thanks to the people that have already shown support or shared there advice.

Happy war gaming!

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Grey Knights
Grey Knights
some greys i knocked up for a friend
Plague Marines
Plague Marines
first commission, think its gone all right
Kit bashed Liby and Tremy
Kit bashed Liby and Tremy
Two models i kit bashed and painted up
Genestealers (quick and dirty)
Genestealers (quick and dirty)
Genestealers (quick and dirty)
Imperial Fist
Imperial Fist
Test of painting yellow, let me know what you think guys and girls

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zijn4357 (Over a year ago):
Hi mate, I've changed the look of my channel (called: Portal to the warp) and add one more time a new content, so I will be honored if you could told me what you think about it Have a nice day