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I collect chaos space marines and traitor guard (over 10k pts combined). I hardly have any of it painted.

Stuff I have:
*Chaos Space Marines*
40 regular chaos space marines
10 night lords raptors
40 khorne berzerkers
10 possessed marines
10 terminators
10 chosen w/alternate champ
20 bloodletters
1 greater daemon of khorne (Be'Lakor)
4 rhinos
2 predators
2 land raiders
2 defilers
1 chaos dread
1 abaddon the despoiler
2 daemon princes
1 khorne lord
1 chaos space marine lord
1 kharn the betrayer
1 night lords hero
1 terminator lord (whfb khorne champion)
1 real terminator lord
1 lightning claws night lord...lord
4 chaos spawn
5 obliterators

*Traitor Guard*
1 valk
4 sentinels
5 enforcers
1 company command squad w/all advisors
4 platoon command squads and addtional weapon option models
1 traitor version of creed
1 traitor version of marbo
1 traitor versoin of harker
12 heavy weapon teams (4 hb/ac, 4 mortar, 4 missile)
4 squads of 10 veterans
2 squads of 5 ratlings (sm sniper scouts)
8 squads of 10 troopers
10 rough riders (marauder horsemen)
4 chimeras
2 basilisks (counts as medusa)
2 leman
1 stormlord/w all options magnetized
15 cultists

chaos spawn scratchbuild
shadowsword/stormlord mixed with british mkiv tank
5 exosuit ogryn counts-as
scratchbuild defiler

Planned additions:
2 count as valkyries models
2 maulerfiend/forgefiends
10 warp talons
dv chaos stuff
new aspiring champion model
possibly more after I get my hands on the new codex

also have a small selection of outcasts from malifaux (viktorias and a few others)

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AoBR termies to Chaos Obliterators
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Traitor Guard and other random chaos stuff
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Just something I thought up and wanted to build.
Conversion stuff... FOR CHAOS
Conversion stuff... FOR CHAOS
uhh well I got some stuff that looked cool and wanted to add them to my chaos army so I gave conversion my first shot.

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