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Ork flyer scratch built
Ork flyer scratch built
Another Ork scratch build, this time a flyer
Ork hoard as of 2/5/12
Ork hoard as of 2/5/12
A shot of my Orks! Bit boring but should be growing.
Killa Kan contest entry
Killa Kan contest entry
My entry for the contest
Scratch build battle wagon, painted
Scratch build battle wagon, painted
4 rhinos + lots of plasic + an orky mind= large shooty battle wagon.
Phase two of Governors compound terrain
Phase two of Governors compound terrain
first stage painting of Governors compound terrain.

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warnob57 (Over a year ago):
dregogg (Over a year ago):
sub for your awesome scratch building abilities.
40kfan (Over a year ago):
cool stuff ! sub fo sub
Laelius (Over a year ago):
its kind of sad that the only picture of ferrus manus i could find is right before he was killed... just saying! (like good fulgrim, not evil demon fulgrim. go buy Fulgrim the novel, in the horus heresy cos its ace)
Hardcore-WolfMarine (Over a year ago):
Holy crap it is the shit!
Laelius (Over a year ago):
Thanks, its the first thing i've done since joining mini wargamming, you learn so much here and it inspires you to do so much. I have to admit that battle wagon supprised me.. lets hope i can keep on doing cool stuff
hansolo (Over a year ago):
dude ur battle waggon is the shit (if u say somthing is the shit that meeens its awsome btw)