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Hey everybody! I'm relatively new to Warhammer (about 7 or 8 months in) and I love it! I'm collecting Orcs & Goblins and Lizardmen. You may notice there's not much highlighting goin on with these guys, but fret not! I am most definitely working on it, all of that will come. But, for now, collecting, painting, and loving it! Enjoy!

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Crank Goblins
Crank Goblins
Work that crank! These guys were much easier, the lack of clothing helps a bit.
Rock Lobber crew
Rock Lobber crew
Close up of the geniuses behind this contraption. Tried making the Orc look like an old lady or something along those lines
Rock Lobber and crew
Rock Lobber and crew
First Rock Lobber and crew. Gotta keep it dirty, this crew doesn't care too much about cleanliness. Come to think of it, most greenskins don't
Black Orc Unit
Black Orc Unit
Unit of black orcs, these guys look so freakin' cool
Sacage Orc Unit
Sacage Orc Unit
Really enjoyed splashing on some warpaint. In case anyone cares to know, the pink color scheme is for the wife lol

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nice work on those orks and goblins