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My Tau army
My Tau army
Its not my whole army. Only some examples. Please comment.
My terrain part 2
My terrain part 2
Second part of my terrain when i put it all together.
My terrain part 1
My terrain part 1
My terrain. First terrain i ever made. Please comment.

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Recent Channel Comments:

ChosenofSigmar (Over a year ago):
d00mduck (Over a year ago):
nice tau, sorry i don't speak the language you've been writing in, I'm curios, what is your native language?
orch-boy (Over a year ago):
ja äntligen svenskar!
PIZZAintheAIR (Over a year ago):
nice army!!!
hansolo (Over a year ago):
Hazmo (Over a year ago):
Thanks! Pretty easy painting my guys now.
Hazmo (Over a year ago):
boneripper (Over a year ago):
jasså du e svensk...säj mig VAR BOR DU???
tonythetaudude (Over a year ago):
i used my web cam....
eldarguy95 (Over a year ago):
how old are you? your painting is better than most of the guys (like 20-40 yr olds) at my local club,good luck collecting tau
kleon (Over a year ago):
var bor du i sverige