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1980s Space Hulk terminators + rogue trader scout
1980's Space Hulk terminators + rogue trader scout
Termies from first space hulk and scouts from rogue trader(40k first edition)
The Retards of Macragge
The Retards of Macragge
Stopmotion movie with vehicles. Made also because I think Bike Racing would be fun but none of my buddies wanna try it out. Also no models on feet because I am too lazy to make it with moving feet.

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Petoy (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
genso6 (Over a year ago):
your avatar looks like meatwad in a stealth suit...in front of a wall FTW
marinenidthing (Over a year ago):
i like the way you painted your predators turret, it look pre-heresy
zasz (Over a year ago):
lol retards of macragge so funny
locbot (Over a year ago):
wats weird about 1337
mashpotato (Over a year ago):
why r u could harryballs
Choco (Over a year ago):
Lol retards of Macragge is awesome. I hope you make some more stop motion videos
mashpotato (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
orkcommander13 (Over a year ago):
what country are u in????
Vaughn (Over a year ago):
Vaughn (Over a year ago):
theres not a GW near where I live
stellarocks (Over a year ago):
stellarocks (Over a year ago):
whats ur avatar of????? why did u pick harryballs for your name???
diertau (Over a year ago):
sweet vid dude, make more and ill subscribe