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Look to the Trees!
Look to the Trees!
How I rebuilt my forest terrain bases to negate warping and to better incorporate 5th Ed area terrain rules.
Some of my Ork Conversions (More Pics 5-5-2009)
Some of my Ork Conversions (More Pics 5-5-2009)
See some examples of how I make my Orks more interesting through the use of random junk and a little Green Stuff
Nurglefication, DavicusPrime Style
Nurglefication, DavicusPrime Style
An attempt to demonstrate how I turn a standard Chaos marine plastic mini into an oozing devotee of Papa Nurgle.

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Recent Channel Comments:

chubbydragon (Over a year ago):
cool stuff
Greystoke (Over a year ago):
alot of good stuff here. subbed.
Narcosis090 (Over a year ago):
Subbed^^...The forest is to good
guardsman83 (Over a year ago):
rofl at the blood angel voices
BrotherPhil (Over a year ago):
Hey, sweet Nurglefication tutorial!
TinyGiant (Over a year ago):
absolutely worth another subscriber for your orc convertions! Will ceck your other content out right away
gerard1234 (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
orkage (Over a year ago):
Just had a look at your GS tutorial. Legendary!
AlbertWoods (Over a year ago):
soooooooo uhhhhhh... watcha doin!
hansolo (Over a year ago):
hey man hows it going
chaosmarine57 (Over a year ago):
AlbertWoods (Over a year ago):
subbed! i love your nurglification just plain beautifullydisgusting!
DavicusPrime (Over a year ago):
Ah, my second article... Got bored of Nurgle for the moment and am now taking a break by trying to get some of my Ork conversions done.
chaptermaster27 (Over a year ago):
where can we find some pics of your plague marines
locbot (Over a year ago):
impiralgay (Over a year ago):
are u going to put op somthing more soon
AguaToss (Over a year ago):
Your an awesome conventer!
LordofSteel (Over a year ago):
Love your Plaugemarines. Cant wait to see your army as a whole.
DavicusPrime (Over a year ago):
As soon as I come up with something I think is worthy I'll put it up. I have a terrain project half done that was meant to be entered in the Terrain contest Back in September but I didn't give myself enough time. I have lots of pictures handy so I should be able to make a worthy article from that project... Means I'll have to actually finish it though.
lotrmaster6 (Over a year ago):
Are you making a new tutorial anytime soon? Cause I think the one that is on now, is pretty darn awsome .
DavicusPrime (Over a year ago):
Thank you. I'm trying to sort out an idea for a new article... But then again, maybe I should just wait for the next contest. That kind of motivation seems to be the only thing that works.
AlittlebitofChaos (Over a year ago):
And By the way, congrats on your contest win!!!
DavicusPrime (Over a year ago):
Thanks. It's all about the pictures... I seem to have gotten lucky with this batch and I've been learning a bit about editing them so that they are consistent in size and quality. I'm only unhappy with the rear pic of the termie. It was too dark and my attempt at lightening it made it look a little washed out. I think I'm going to need to scrounge up a tripod and light rig if this becomes more common.
AlittlebitofChaos (Over a year ago):
Hey man, just want to say that nurgle how-to was especially awesome! I just wish my termies werent done so i could try it out! keep up the good work!
DavicusPrime (Over a year ago):