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i have been following all of the videos from miniwargaming on youtube for like 2 years now, so i guess its about time for me to show people what i have done so far..

i play as Spaceorks and Tyranids (mostly orks)

and emm.. im from Denmark so sorry for my bad english (=

army list:
1 warboss
10 nobs
50 boys(20ard´shootas,30 w sluggaz
10 lootaz
3 trukkz
3 bikez
1 battlewagon
3 deff koptaz
3 killakanz

and you should know that i am not gonna dO the "sub 4 sub thing" please sub me if you like my stuff, i will sub you if i like your stuff (=

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the biggaboys
the biggaboys
time to show you guys my warboss and nobz
Ard´ BOys with Shootaz
Ard´ BOys with Shootaz
My mob of shootas
Orky Transport
Orky Transport
this is two of the tree Ork trukks that i have, im showing them of

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bennybenben (Over a year ago):
thanks for the sub
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sub me plz
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subbed ofc!!!
Dakkadude (Over a year ago):
thanks alot i appreciate it (=
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Nice channel
Dakkadude (Over a year ago):
indeed my dear Brother! WAAaaaagh!
BlackFalcon (Over a year ago):
Dakkadude (Over a year ago):
never mind.
Dakkadude (Over a year ago):
Emmm.. how do i put stuff in for others to see? plz help me, im kinda lost