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Marius- A Ticket Home
Marius- A Ticket Home
The second short stop-motion video in a series about Sergeant Marius, a Blood Angels Terminator trying to get off the planet where his brothers were so brutally killed.
You never know, warp transport might be like that...
Please do not expect a new video every day, this one was quite simple and it happens to be the Easter holidays, it'll be more like a new video every 2-4 weeks when I go back to school.
Marius- The Opening Chapter (a short 40k animation)
Marius- The Opening Chapter (a short 40k animation)
This is my first animation about a lone Blood Angel Terminator, Marius, bent on the destruction of the Chaos Space Marines who killed his brothers.
If you have any CONSTRUCTIVE critacism, feel free to leave it in the comments below.
Blood Angel vs Tyranid Lictor
Blood Angel vs Tyranid Lictor
What happens when you mess with the Blood Angels!
My first go with incorperation special effects into stop motion animation.
Thanks to freeSFX.co.uk for the sound effects, I reccomend them highly, they have a massive library and all sounds are free to download.
Command Squad/Honor Guard Unboxing
Command Squad/Honor Guard Unboxing
This is my first unboxing video. I'll be showing you the Space Marine Command Squad which I'll be converting and proxying (sp?) as an Honor Guard for my Blood Angels.
Tyranid Army Showcase
Tyranid Army Showcase
This is my Tyranid army so far (that I have painted).

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JusticarRichards (Over a year ago):
Fellow Tyranid player eh? Well if you come across Grey Knights the Swarmlord is key, or at least a Tyrant with Shadow in the Warp. Also if you ever are facing an Army with tanks you must have a Tyrannofex with Rupture cannon and two Hive Guard minimum. Other than that just save up for 3 battleforces and you'll have a fine army. Also if you'd like to discuss Horus Heresy I'd love to share my opinions. Thanks for listening.
DaemonPrince16 (Over a year ago):
my website inspired by the Horus Heresy novels: http://imperiumofearth.webs.com
DaemonPrince16 (Over a year ago):
im going to start a Tyranid army soon. Any pointers?
nudnikspilkis (Over a year ago):
nurgle is disgusting. i hate there guts. aren't they great?
Awake (Over a year ago):
cool color schemes
btp2 (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the sub