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i think tyranids SLAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Army List

8 devourer gaunts
10 fleshborer gaunts
8 hormagaunts
3 tyranid warriors
1 carnifex
1 hive tyrant
14 geanstealers(8 with rending claws and sything talons and 6 with rending claws

1 lictor
1 carnifex

Color scheme:Kraken

i live in IL so please tell me if you live in IL

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40k Stopmotion
40k Stopmotion
some old stopmotions i made when i was bord
Hive Fleet Kracken Tyranid Army
Hive Fleet Kracken Tyranid Army
my Hive Fleet Kracken army
Blog 1
Blog 1
my first blog
how to paint tyranids: hive fleet kracken
how to paint tyranids: hive fleet kracken
how to paint tyranids kracken style
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Recent Channel Comments:

TinyGiant (Over a year ago):
Did not meen to offend ye mate,and im sorry if i did. But i just spoke my mind, so nothing personal
Nightbringer96 (Over a year ago):
about the comment on my channel about the sudden change in hive fleet name, i felt that Xylem is more appropriate for tyranids as the Xylem is the part of the plant root that absorbs the nutrients from the soil, just like nids except tyranids get carried away and eat everything they see xD
gorork (Over a year ago):
yeah thats okey im doing the same thing with my ork's but the is a diffrench between using wash to make it dark and using wash to take all the details away
artman39 (Over a year ago):
look at my new short story!
VuneAlpha12345 (Over a year ago):
on my channel you said this refering to the nids''dude there were the ALIEN movies first i meen there were movies about those aliens'' i know and i said Alien vs Predator because i only saw Alien vs predator, including Alien vs predator requim
gerard1234 (Over a year ago):
hi if theres anyone who likes tyranids subscribe to my channel and you could chose the first type of new tyranids to be in my video
gearbox (Over a year ago):
about your comment on my killa kan were should i use washes then its all flat surfaces the skulls already have a wash on them.
locbot (Over a year ago):
a blog is a writing article. a Vblog or V-Log or Vlog is the video version of a blog V meaning Video and Blog/Log meaning a Blog entry. So essencially a Video Log. The arms are breaking because you should be using plastic glue. Plastic Glue melts the plastic and fuses them together so when it dries it's one peice. Really nice models like your force. Bikes aren't a very good choice for marines. Get the codex, read stuff online and you'll make up a good list. Also Magragge is pronouced MAC(like computer)RAJ(like idian name). If you want help with painting Ultramarines look back on my chanel I made a tutorial. Also I'm planning on going over it again in a new video. BRM is a great set but it's the 4th edition rulebook that comes with it so you'll have to get assault on black reach which is what I did. That way you'll have 2 troops a commander, a dreadnought a get another rhino, a great base force, ready for expansion. Hope I helped, Locbot
Nightbringer96 (Over a year ago):
thanks for the great comments on my tyranids just for that, i subscibed to your channel.
PIZZAintheAIR (Over a year ago):
I'm 14, why, and I will try to get better light next time, thanx
juanjgf (Over a year ago):
About 45 minutes
PIZZAintheAIR (Over a year ago):
I'm from Belgium, indeed. Actually from Antwerp! keep up the good work
kooleyo (Over a year ago):
thanks for the comment on my article!
AFatalPapercut (Over a year ago):
Haha believe me bro, when making my bunker I was cursing like crazy, cardboard likes to do it's own thing from time to time lol.
TinyGiant (Over a year ago):
hi man,and thanks for all the nice comments on my ogre convertions!
artman39 (Over a year ago):
i love tyranids to!=) oh and your a awsome painter. plz sub me! love your pics!
locbot (Over a year ago):
i live in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) BC Canada
kingluigi99 (Over a year ago):
yes im scottish i will play them one day but not whith all the complicated rules that bloodtyrant said becouse i like warhammer but im not a crazy addict person. lol
kingluigi99 (Over a year ago):
they are tomb king sheilds cut and stuck on. lol
kingluigi99 (Over a year ago):
or you could TELL me dont tell me just TELL me. lol
kingluigi99 (Over a year ago):
if you want to yous one of my youtube accounts you can cos i have hundreds lol. thanks
kingluigi99 (Over a year ago):
nids rule im getting a nids battle force soon and im getting some geanstealers
chopperdacat (Over a year ago):
i tried tyranids but i couldnt get the feel of the army
Vaughn (Over a year ago):
im 12.but i turn 13 in august
Commander (Over a year ago):
hey guys guess what?!i juat got a tyranid battle force for my birthday and i am very! buysy so i might post progress in the next few days,HAPPY WARGAMING!