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Custom Eldar Pathfinder
Custom Eldar Pathfinder
This is my Eldar Pathfinder I modded with some Green Stuff and painted
My Eldar models, first time painter
My Eldar models, first time painter
New to painting models but let me know what you think and any advice on color scheme

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Astaras (Over a year ago):
I used to do canvas painting a few years back but havent done it in about 4 years so idk if that helps or not really with this but I have always loved art. Right now I'm trying to tinker with greenstuff but its rather harder than i had expected in my head xD.
Astaras (Over a year ago):
thanks guys ^_^ means alot.
ghgmember007 (Over a year ago):
First time painting? your stuff seems to good for that
khani (Over a year ago):
you got a sub, can't wait to see more of your work