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Lizardmen Bastiladon Unboxing Lizardmen Bastiladon Unboxing
by PowerRang3r | Posted Sep 2, 2013
Hey guys in this unboxing video I show you the new Lizardmen Bastiladon! Definitely my favorite new model from the lizardmen release.
Unboxing Slann Mage-Priest Unboxing Slann Mage-Priest
by Richard35 | Posted Jan 20, 2012
This is my very first unboxing video and shows the unboxing of a Slann Mage-Priest (Warhammer Lizardmen). Enjoy.
Unboxing-------Slann Mage Priest Unboxing-------Slann Mage Priest
by Gamegod77 | Posted Jan 2, 2012
Unboxing Slann mage Priest, that I got for Christmas
Unboxing Lizardmen Battalion Unboxing Lizardmen Battalion
by Asrodrig | Posted Sep 4, 2010
This is a must-buy for any budding Lizardmen player.
Unboxigors! Unboxigors!
by Asrodrig | Posted Sep 4, 2010
Okay, that's kinda lame, I admit, but Kroxigors are anything but!
Unboxing Lizardmen Slaan Mage-Priest Unboxing Lizardmen Slaan Mage-Priest
by Asrodrig | Posted May 7, 2010
An unboxing of the greatest Magic-user in the Warhammer Fantasy universe.