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Awesome Painted Colossals Kraken and Conquest Awesome Painted Colossals Kraken and Conquest
by MiniWarGaming | Posted Nov 28, 2012
Jay from JDidPainting paints up some Colossals for Dave and Matt and shows off this eye candy. Oh sweet oh.
My Warmachine models My Warmachine models
by photographen | Posted Jul 22, 2011
Cygnar and Khador battle boxes, used for play testing Warmachine.
Warmachine | Khador Destroyer | Blackblade68 commission Warmachine | Khador Destroyer | Blackblade68 commission
by GhostxHeart | Posted Nov 24, 2011
Hey guys, Just uploading a few samples of some recent work! Live in Adelaide, Australia and want to play some games? Hit us up and join Harlequin Halls Gaming Club! Email us at;
Greylord Escort Greylord Escort
by HaWior | Posted Dec 12, 2011
Doomreavers need more control
Khador - Widowmaker Marksman Khador - Widowmaker Marksman
by HaWior | Posted Apr 2, 2012
long-range can be handy
The butcher of khardov The butcher of khardov
by julian12345 | Posted Apr 9, 2011
My first vid, it's of my butcher model
Winter Guard Field Gun Crew Winter Guard Field Gun Crew
by HaWior | Posted Sep 8, 2012
My new Winter Guard color schema.
JuggeKhador Hvy. warjack JuggeKhador Hvy. warjack
by Furry-Jedath | Posted Sep 1, 2011
my very first Warjack is now ready to crush the enemies of the mother land!! >_<
Khador Khador
by ForgeFather | Posted Apr 20, 2011
My first Warmachine army
Some Warmachine Models Some Warmachine Models
by eggroll | Posted Jul 27, 2010
Khador and Cygnar Warmachine Models
by shadowace1124 | Posted Jul 16, 2011
Winter Khador Winter Khador
by Nickworthypainting | Posted May 11, 2012
Nick has a look at a Khador army painted in a winter theme. Contact us at to set up your own project.
Privateer Press: Painted Khador and Cygnar commission Privateer Press: Painted Khador and Cygnar commission
by AICollectibles | Posted Feb 22, 2011
This video showcases a Khador and Cygnar commission. Check out the use of NMM gold. If you have any questions or need a quote please contact us at: or visit Thanks for watching!!!
My first Khador Battlegroup My first Khador Battlegroup
by Furry-Jedath | Posted Sep 22, 2011
I finally finished painting the 2 warjacks that will join "The Butcher"
Orsus Zoktavir, The butcher of Khardov Orsus Zoktavir, The butcher of Khardov
by Furry-Jedath | Posted Aug 13, 2011
My first Warmachine miniature, this awesome Warcaster from Khador.
Yuri the Axe Yuri the Axe
by HaWior | Posted Jun 27, 2012
Khador gets stronger... Yuri comes to aid
Warmachine MK3 Unboxing - Khador Warmachine MK3 Unboxing - Khador
by MiniWarGaming | Posted Jul 15, 2016
Quirk cracks open a new box of MK3 Khardo. Going through the contents of the new battle box and giving some insight into the new caster.
Khador Commission Showcase Khador Commission Showcase
by SlapDashMinis | Posted Jan 24, 2013
Take a look at a finished Khador Commission
Khador: Widowmaker Khador: Widowmaker
by Furry-Jedath | Posted Dec 20, 2011
The girl of the squad of Widowmakers from Khador
Painted Khador Conquest Painted Khador Conquest
by jsheehy | Posted Jan 9, 2013
A short video showing Matt's Khador Conquest