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Empire soldiers Empire soldiers
by Techmarine | Posted Dec 15, 2009
Just some simple pictures of my empire soldiers
MWG Fantasy Painting Contest MWG Fantasy Painting Contest
by Bergunder | Posted Jun 29, 2010
My Single model entry
What Ive been working on What I've been working on
by Bergunder | Posted Jun 16, 2010
An assortment of model I have been working on lately.
Empire Wizard Empire Wizard
by Ttumlleh31 | Posted Dec 10, 2010
Just something I did cause I really like the mini
Warhammer Fantasy Painting contest Warhammer Fantasy Painting contest
by Bergunder | Posted Jun 23, 2010
My Fantasy group entry
Empire General on Horse Empire General on Horse
by Furry-Jedath | Posted Aug 7, 2010
My first empire miniature, a general on horse with shield and Rune fang
Empire State Trooper Empire State Trooper
by eliteijr | Posted Jun 19, 2011
A swordsman I painted for the local painting competition. Wish him luck!
Super cool Empire Warrior priest Super cool Empire Warrior priest
by Chizzy94 | Posted Mar 26, 2010
ok so maybe he isnt super cool, but i think he's ok XD
Empire Elector Count Marius Leitdorf Empire Elector Count Marius Leitdorf
by Mentolo | Posted Aug 23, 2010
My Marius Leitdorf
Empire Hero on foot Empire Hero on foot
by Furry-Jedath | Posted Aug 11, 2010
An empire hero ready for glory
Lord Commissar and OOP Warrior Priest Lord Commissar and OOP Warrior Priest
by eliteijr | Posted Jul 9, 2011
Trying out a new series "In With the Old" where I unbox and paint up a new figure, and a really really old one, alongside each other. What do you think?
eldar update eldar update
by Paladin-Zebra | Posted Sep 7, 2010
what i have been up to latelly
my empire army + eldar update my empire army + eldar update
by Paladin-Zebra | Posted Aug 19, 2010
thanks exodusofmen
Talabheim Halberdiers Talabheim Halberdiers
by smekh | Posted Oct 26, 2011
My first experience in painting miniatures. It took almost month to paint.
Empire Army, Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army, Warhammer Fantasy
by Nickworthypainting | Posted Mar 19, 2013
Nick and Mike have a close look at Mikes finished Empire army for Warhammer Fantasy!
A celstian wizard A celstian wizard
by Arrow33 | Posted Jan 7, 2011
my empire celestian wizard
Mini of the Week: Nicodemus Mini of the Week: Nicodemus
by agproductions | Posted Jun 15, 2012
A quick look at an awesome old-school mini.
Flagellant warband Flagellant warband
by ZITARIX | Posted Nov 1, 2010
Flagellant warband
Mini showcase dark wizard Mini showcase dark wizard
by zombiesrcool | Posted Apr 28, 2012
Hi all, this is a mini I painted up with some guidance from the Lets Paint Dark Wizard DVD by AGProductions.
Empire knights Empire knights
by ZITARIX | Posted Jul 26, 2011
Empire knights