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New Tyranid Codex Review New Tyranid Codex Review
by MiniWarGaming | Posted Nov 4, 2017
Matthew gives a thorough review of the new Tyranid codex, including all of the changes from the Index, the strategems, warlord traits, relics, and other special rules.
40 Facts and Lore on RakGol Warhammer 40K Part 2 40 Facts and Lore on Rak'Gol Warhammer 40K Part 2
by Gursh | Posted Apr 12, 2017
40 Facts and Lore on Rak'Gol Warhammer 40K Part 2
"Start Collecting Tyranids" Unboxing "Start Collecting Tyranids" Unboxing
by NetherworksCostumes | Posted Dec 11, 2017
I uploaded this video over a year ago and thought it would be fun to do my own unboxing video based on my favorite army: Tyranids!