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Chaos Dwarfs Online

Score: 23

Thumbs Up: 30     Thumbs Down: 7

Chaos Dwarfs Online provides a community with a forum for members to learn about, inform others about, contribute to, and evolve the Chaos Dwarf army in a welcoming and open minded environment. Chaos Dwarf generals, old and new, can unite under a common...

The Tyranid Hive

Score: 16

Thumbs Up: 19     Thumbs Down: 3

The Tyranid Hive is a friendly online community focused primarily on Tyranids, with sections for strategy & tactics, army lists, rules questions, painted and work-in-progress models and terrain, fan-fiction, and general discussions. There are also boa...

Second Sphere

Score: 14

Thumbs Up: 14     Thumbs Down: 0

Second Sphere is a forum for Warhammer 40k players of all armies, levels of experience, and areas of interest. Created and maintained by the former community of Tau Online, Second Sphere is a growing and friendly forum with dedicated boards for every aspe...

Tau Online

Score: 12

Thumbs Up: 39     Thumbs Down: 27

Tau Online is a community website for gamers of Warhammer 40,000 including latest news, tacticas, painting tutorials, conversion ideas and much more. We also offer a fully featured army list section, gallery, 40k timeline and thriving forum community!

Modeling Time

Score: 9

Thumbs Up: 13     Thumbs Down: 4

The best Italian Modelers site.

War Game Underground

Score: 8

Thumbs Up: 9     Thumbs Down: 1

This forum site is a home for anyone who plays miniature games, video games, or RPG's. We do our best to have reviews and coverage of every major tourny in North America and also in Eastern Europe. We provide a safe place to trade miniatures as well as ha...

DICE RAGE!!!!!!!

Score: 8

Thumbs Up: 9     Thumbs Down: 1

This website is dedicated to showcasing miniature wargaming related videos and internet shows. Site features Battle Reports, Reviews, Hobby Vidoes, and more.

NJ Gamer

Score: 7

Thumbs Up: 9     Thumbs Down: 2

NJGamer is a facebook community built around avid gamers in New Jersey. From card games, board games, and role-playing games to collectible minature games and wargamin...

Necrontyr Online

Score: 6

Thumbs Up: 6     Thumbs Down: 0

Necrontyr Online is a forum dedicated to Necrons (and all of Warhammer 40000 to a lesser extent). Although it is a small forum, it has a surprising amount of information and even dives into the discussion of background information, and it has an inclusive...

Knights of the Square Table

Score: 6

Thumbs Up: 6     Thumbs Down: 0

The Knights of the Square Table are a group of London, ON gamers interested in a variety of games including Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Firestorm Armada, D&D, Warmachine/Hordes. The site features painting and gaming articles, battle reports, step-by-ste...

Dicehead Games & Comics

Score: 5

Thumbs Up: 5     Thumbs Down: 0

Dicehead Games & Comics offers a great selection of products and in the very near future will have fantastic Battle Reports for every mini game system we sell! Complete, detailed Battle reports, product reviews for Mini Games, Board Games, Card Games ...

Screaming Heretic Podcast

Score: 5

Thumbs Up: 5     Thumbs Down: 0

This is the site for the Screaming Heretic podcast. They cover warhammer 40k, fantasy, Warmachine, and more. The focus tends to be on painting, hobby, terrain, and war gaming in general. Good stuff check them out

Dream Weaved Worlds - Miniatures Scenery

Score: 4

Thumbs Up: 7     Thumbs Down: 3

Dream Weaved Worlds is a website for fans of RPGs and Wargaming. It contains: For Wargamers -Wargaming Scenery Tutorials -A Gallery of different scenery -An eBay Store where you can purchase scenery -Gaming Tiles for tile based miniature games like D&...

The Throne of Skulls

Score: 4

Thumbs Up: 4     Thumbs Down: 0

The Throne of Skulls is the home of Khorne's Chosen. We are a site dedicated to the Blood God in all of GW's systems. We have a friendly and active community of over 200+ members.

SoCal Smackdown

Score: 4

Thumbs Up: 4     Thumbs Down: 0

SoCal Smackdown is Orange County’s newsiest gaming convention is taking place on Labor Weekend 2010 (Sept. 3-6). This four-day event is the home of multiple gaming events including Warhammer, Warmachine, Flames of War, Malifaux, card, board and role-pl...

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