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Blue Table Painting

Score: 203

Thumbs Up: 282     Thumbs Down: 79

One of the largest repositories of pictures, videos and articles for Wargaming on the interwebs (a series of tubes). We are a miniatures painting service. "If it doesn't move, we'll paint it...If it does move, we'll chase it down and paint it anywa...

Epic Duck Studios

Score: 88

Thumbs Up: 104     Thumbs Down: 16

Epic Duck Studios is a Professional Warhammer and Miniature painting service specializing in detailed and high-end painting. They can also produce custom scenic bases and other pieces on demand.

Dreamspirit Wargaming

Score: 16

Thumbs Up: 17     Thumbs Down: 1

This is a website of the Dreamspirit Wargames Studio, studio for making custom built terrain and provide services of painting miniatures. Also, we provide community with lots of battle reports, tutorials and scenery showcase videos.

Score: 13

Thumbs Up: 13     Thumbs Down: 0 was created by miniature painter Lester Bursley. Originally made to host tutorials, pictures, and commission services; the site has turned into that, and much more. With an online store selling Washes created and formulated by Lester...

Tau Online

Score: 12

Thumbs Up: 39     Thumbs Down: 27

Tau Online is a community website for gamers of Warhammer 40,000 including latest news, tacticas, painting tutorials, conversion ideas and much more. We also offer a fully featured army list section, gallery, 40k timeline and thriving forum community!

Modeling Time

Score: 9

Thumbs Up: 13     Thumbs Down: 4

The best Italian Modelers site.

SteamPoweredTV  Blog

Score: 8

Thumbs Up: 8     Thumbs Down: 0

The companion blog for the SteamPoweredTV YouTube channel that covers Warmachine and Hordes as well as Malifaux. This blog features the videos from SteamPoweredTV, as well as WIP photos, caption contests, and articles on topics that don't warrant a full ...

War Game Underground

Score: 8

Thumbs Up: 9     Thumbs Down: 1

This forum site is a home for anyone who plays miniature games, video games, or RPG's. We do our best to have reviews and coverage of every major tourny in North America and also in Eastern Europe. We provide a safe place to trade miniatures as well as ha...

NJ Gamer

Score: 7

Thumbs Up: 9     Thumbs Down: 2

NJGamer is a facebook community built around avid gamers in New Jersey. From card games, board games, and role-playing games to collectible minature games and wargamin...

Kiwi Colour Studio

Score: 7

Thumbs Up: 7     Thumbs Down: 0

A Blog about my War gaming and miniature painting mainly used for me to display my work to my friends and potential customers. I often do commission work and Sell items that ive painted. I specialize in 15mm WW2 and ancients as well as 28 and 30mm sci-fi...

Okko le cycle des elements

Score: 6

Thumbs Up: 6     Thumbs Down: 0

Okko cycle des elements, unofficial blog about Okko the board game, with figures paintings, great terrain buildings.

Knights of the Square Table

Score: 6

Thumbs Up: 6     Thumbs Down: 0

The Knights of the Square Table are a group of London, ON gamers interested in a variety of games including Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Firestorm Armada, D&D, Warmachine/Hordes. The site features painting and gaming articles, battle reports, step-by-ste...

Spotted Troll Painting

Score: 5

Thumbs Up: 5     Thumbs Down: 0

We offer good painting at reasonable rates. If you need a good looking army to bring to the table but don't have the time for painting, then check us out.

Screaming Heretic Podcast

Score: 5

Thumbs Up: 5     Thumbs Down: 0

This is the site for the Screaming Heretic podcast. They cover warhammer 40k, fantasy, Warmachine, and more. The focus tends to be on painting, hobby, terrain, and war gaming in general. Good stuff check them out

SoCal Smackdown

Score: 4

Thumbs Up: 4     Thumbs Down: 0

SoCal Smackdown is Orange County’s newsiest gaming convention is taking place on Labor Weekend 2010 (Sept. 3-6). This four-day event is the home of multiple gaming events including Warhammer, Warmachine, Flames of War, Malifaux, card, board and ro...

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