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NJGamer is a facebook community built around avid gamers in New Jersey. From card games, board games, and role-playing games to collectible minature games and wargaming, NJGamer supports players and the stores they shop & game at. If you are looking for a calendar of local events, trying to find new gamers to play against or with in your favorite game or want to share & expand your interest in games, NJGamer is a good start.

So take your time, browse through our directory of stores, look at the types of events we organize and head over to our facebook group page to join up and meet your fellow gamers.


lonekthx (Over a year ago):
Great community for multiple game systems. Everyone is always willing to help the new players and hobbyists and provide great insight into their respective specialties.
verirh50 (Over a year ago):
Great community! Lots of good events being posted. An extremely good resource for gaming in NJ.
redwulfe (Over a year ago):
Great events Great People!
uberhopper (Over a year ago):
Fantastic events, great people. NJ Gamer puts out high quality events.
FarseerMorrigan (Over a year ago):
Great user community for the Northern NJ and NJ/PA/NY Metro area.
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