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The Blood Angels: By Jawaballs!

This blog covers Warhammer 40k and The Blood Angels from the point of view of one of the worlds best known Blood Angels players, Jawaballs! Here you will find tactics, painting, army lists, insights and tips on The Blood Angels and Warhammer 40k in general.


destuctir (Over a year ago):
paulymath (Over a year ago):
Jawaballs = blood angels epic awesomeness.
cvy1808 (Over a year ago):
Jawaking! Jawaking! Jawaking!...
Autarch-Andrew (Over a year ago):
Jawaballs is the king of 40k blogging
THECAKEISALIE93 (Over a year ago):
Loved your vids on YouTube. Thumbs Up, and Great Site.
jkost78 (Over a year ago):
As i enjoyed his videos before but since there has been no more battle reports and his last video was about just him and not gamesday kinda let down. all in all he's a good painter but since he took his videos down now you have to pay for those tips also
jimmy72nd (Over a year ago):
great work jawaman i received some of your bases couple of weeks ago.... love them
canonman64 (Over a year ago):
it is the 3rd best warhammer 40k site ever (gameswork shop 2nd and miniwargaming 1st) great blood angels
Lord-immortal (Over a year ago):
obviously 4 people missed the thumbs up button and accidentally thumbed down, ah people can't tell the difference, go Jawaballs!
majorbragdon (Over a year ago):
Jawaballs is the Emperor
rune (Over a year ago):
jawerballs rocks
falco1663 (Over a year ago):
your beast!
Jawaballs (Over a year ago):
Please vote for my site guys! Go Jawaballers!
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