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Blue Table Painting

Score: 203

Thumbs Up: 282     Thumbs Down: 79

One of the largest repositories of pictures, videos and articles for Wargaming on the interwebs (a series of tubes). We are a miniatures painting service. "If it doesn't move, we'll paint it...If it does move, we'll chase it down and paint it anywa...

Epic Duck Studios

Score: 88

Thumbs Up: 104     Thumbs Down: 16

Epic Duck Studios is a Professional Warhammer and Miniature painting service specializing in detailed and high-end painting. They can also produce custom scenic bases and other pieces on demand.

Watching Paint Dry

Score: 60

Thumbs Up: 61     Thumbs Down: 1

Some ongoing painting and modelling projects. Mostly Orks and Orcs, but also some Space marines and other interesting stuff.

The Blood Angels: By Jawaballs!

Score: 48

Thumbs Up: 55     Thumbs Down: 7

This blog covers Warhammer 40k and The Blood Angels from the point of view of one of the worlds best known Blood Angels players, Jawaballs! Here you will find tactics, painting, army lists, insights and tips on The Blood Angels and Warhammer 40k in gener...


Score: 42

Thumbs Up: 50     Thumbs Down: 8

AI Collectibles is a leader in online miniature wargame painting. For years we've brought outstanding customer service, magnificent models, and fast turnarounds. Feel free to brows our gallery to get a sense of what we do. For further questions or need a ...

Newly Added Sites

Every Bit Countz

Score: 2

Thumbs Up: 2     Thumbs Down: 0

Every Bit Countz is a hardcore group of tabletop gamers in the Metro Detroit area. We strive to bring you top notch paintjobs, conversions, and battle reports. Although our main focus is Warhammer 40k, our team also consists of players trained in the art...

adm's minilog

Score: 1

Thumbs Up: 1     Thumbs Down: 0

Small blog, written by a newbie painter. Mostly about painting, basing and sometimes converting Space Wolves with some Dark Eldar flavor. Minis from different producers will pop up occasionally too. All visits and comments are greatly appreciated!! @SV_...


Score: 2

Thumbs Up: 2     Thumbs Down: 0

Great site covering Warmachine/Hordes with articles and battle reports from the UK's best players.

Painting Miniatures With J

Score: 1

Thumbs Up: 1     Thumbs Down: 0

This blog contains painting tips, reviews, tutorials, and pictures of some ongoing painting and modelling projects of mine.

Fresh Coast 40k

Score: 1

Thumbs Up: 1     Thumbs Down: 0

Fresh Coast 40k is a group of gamers in Michigan who blog about their endeavors including: Apocalypse, painting, tactics, army building, tournament reports, and local events.

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