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Attention Wargaming Painting Beginners

It's Time For You To Learn The Painting Techniques That Will Help You To Paint Faster And Better In A Shorter Period Of Time

Product Available Via Instant Download After Payment Is Made

From: Matthew and Dave
Date: Tuesday, 11:00am
Re: Helping you to paint even better...

Hey fellow miniwargamer,

I remember my first experience painting miniatures quite well.

I remember walking into a gaming store and seeing the awesome paint job done by some of the staff. I instantly fell in love with the miniatures and wanted to start painting right away.

I pictured my miniatures looking just like the more experienced store staff. I pictured winning contests, making awesome armies that my friends would love, and impressing all of the ladies...

And then I painted my first miniature, and it was awful.

I was completely surprised by how much I sucked at painting! I tried again and again, and slowly my painting skills started to improve, but even after painting over 100 miniatures, I was still not at the level of those miniatures I saw in the store that I first walked into.

Looking back I now realize just how much there is for a beginner painter to learn, and it can be quite scary (especially when others start talking about techniques such as highlighting, drybrushing, washing, dipping, or anything else you haven't heard of).

I wanted to save new painters as much time as possible...

Now don't get me wrong - there is no one "magic" painting technique that will allow anybody to paint like an expert with no practice. You will always need practice.

However, there are ways for you to take off a lot of the learning curve and skip hours of needed experience to make your miniatures look even better.

That is why we have made...

MiniWarGaming's Guide To Painting Miniatures

I had one of our top painters spend about three solid weeks painting miniatures and writing tips and techniques for this e-book, just so you could save a LOT of time in the learning process.

In this e-book you are going to learn:

  • The techniques that will allow you to get better results from your painting time
  • How to paint faster while still getting the same level of quality (or higher)
  • The basic techniques that form the foundation of any great painting job
  • How to paint skin, eyes, fur, hair, armor, metal, and everything in between
  • And more...

See what other's are saying...

The MiniWarGaming E-Book has really helped me with my painting.It is a brilliant book, thanks to Mike and Tim my painting is up to a good standard now.

I would recommend buying it.

-Aaron, United Kingdom

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It was good - I could not get a half as good e-book (or any kind of painting guide) even for a doubled price!

-Alexander, vantaa

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This is a awesome book.

I have been looking all over for a book that could help me add to the painting skills I already have found through lots of trial and error but this has made my life a lot easier.

Plus it has sped up my painting time a lot and with trying to work on 4 armies at once I have found myself overwhelmed by the painting work load!

-wes vanderpool, fort riley kansas

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Fully Illustrated, Step-by-Step Guide

Here are a couple of screenshots of the e-book:

You can clearly see that this e-book is fully-illustrated. It also goes step-by-step over each technique, tip, and "how-to" so that you don't miss anything.

How much is this going to cost?

Before we go into the final price of this e-book I want to talk about a special bonus that you are going to receive.

You see, we have had some people come to us and say "I'd love to buy your e-book, but miniatures are so expensive that I would rather spend my money on them."

I thought about your dilemna in this circumstance, and have decided to add something that will completely negate that problem once and for all:

$20 In Coupons To Our Online Store

When you order this e-book today you will receive two $10 coupons* to our online miniature store. You can use them to buy whatever you want - miniatures, paints, brushes, magnets, putty, terrain, or anything else.

The coupons are good for at least a year, so there is no rush to use them either.

So think about this - not only will you get this painting e-book which will help you to paint better, but you'll get $20 worth of miniatures with it!

So how much does it cost then?

Although we could easily charge $50 for this e-book (seeing as how you will be getting $20 in coupons plus the e-book), we definitely don't want to do that.

That is why we are going to give you this e-book for only $19.95 Canadian (plus HST if you're in Canada). That is equivalent to about $15.96 US.

So for $19.95 you will get:

  • A fully illustrated, step-by-step e-book on how to become a better painter
  • Two $10 coupons* to our online miniature store
  • One month free to our MiniWarGaming Membership Club

Let me talk about that last one there for a moment.

We have also decided to start a Membership Club where you can get access to:

  • Exclusive painting articles
  • Exclusive terrain articles
  • Exclusive videos
  • More discounts to our online store (every single month you'll get more coupons to save even more money)
  • And more...

After the 30 days is up the price is only $19.95 per month to continue (although you can cancel at anytime).

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Allow us to take all of the risk.

Purchase this e-book right now. Try it out and see if it doesn't make you a better painter.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase you can ask us for a refund within the first 30 days and you'll get all of your money back, EVEN if you used the coupons!

Product Available Via Instant Download After Payment Is Made

Happy wargaming!

Matthew and Dave

P.S. Remember, there is our 30 day money back guarantee, AND you get the discounts in our store. Click here to order now...

More Testimonials

Hail kings of knowledge! And look an the mighty e book!

It is very nicely put together as a gamer that has been around painting since space crusade and has all the fundamentals of painting as well as advanced modeling (I really love this book). The ebook put out by this company is second to none!!!

-Will Boggs, British Columbia, Canada

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Ive only been collecting minis for about a month or 2 and I loved the E-book. Within the first 10 pages I was already beginning to pick up tips and see where I had been skipping steps from lack of knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

-Josh, Minnesota

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When I first got this eBook, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that it would have a lot of basic information, but what surprised me were some of the more advanced tutorials like object source lighting.

This eBook explained the techniques and theories used in OSL better than some other resources I've seen. While it is aimed more towards the beginning painter, it has a few nice surprises for intermediate painters as well.

-Stewart, Louisiana

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Hi everybody,

You really have to buy this e-book!

It's full of paint tips and it helped me a lot with painting my miniatures.

-Gerben, The Netherlands

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The book is really great, lots of pictures and good explanations.

Right after reading it I ran to paint a brand new ork boy. Did it in less then 2 hours and looks much better then anything I did so far in less time....

Thanks a lot guys - waiting for more volumes :)

-Lev Andelman, Israel

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As an expert painter i bought this ebook mostly for my brothers kids cause they are starting the hobby too. I was surprised to find several tips and techniques that i didn't know yet.

I would recommend this guide to any beginner because it not only provides all the basics, but also many tips and techniques that you would not think of yourself when starting out. It is well worth the money because beginners will get a lot better fast and thus will have to spend less time and money on miniatures to get that first good looking army.

-Bo Bex, Belgium, Antwerp

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Actually I bought this ebook for my son he is love it, he is learning the techniques and tips that are in this ebook. I believe that it is great material, low cost and you can get it right a way, Thank you.

-HawkIII, Florida-USA

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Well I read the beginning about how you all started out painting, how you were all noobs and didn't know any of the basics and you had to learn it all by yourself, and I have to say, that really hit me since that is exactly how I started out and I'm proud of it.

Its good to mention that since it humanizes you and lets the new painters know that your teaching them from experience which holds a lot of value when teaching. Beyond that I skimmed through the various techniques and it's pretty solid, I would have done the same.

Surprised that you had an article on object source lighting which wasn't really basic and something I didn't know how to do, so I did learn something new. Great work on the e-book and $30 worth of coupons was a great bonus.

-Jacky, Toronto

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I really dug the book. It really is a great jumping off point for someone learning to paint. For me, it had some great practical ideas and tricks.

-Gavin, Georgia

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I thought the E-book was great. I've been painting my own minis for a while now and even though I knew how to get my desired result I never understood why things had to be done that certain way.

The E-book did a lot of explaining on why things are done the way they are done. I'm hoping to become better at Detail painting and of course was hoping to better perfect the decent painting I do already. I agree that the E-book is great both for beginners who don't know the ins and outs and also for those with experience to help build on what they already established.

Thanks for the great tool.

-Stephen Garrison, North Carolina

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Good tips and great pictures!

-Johann Harding, Quebec

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This book is great! I've been painting Warhammer miniatures for a while, and I thought I knew it all. I've learned a lot from just thumbing through the book already!

-Andrew Rodriguez, Edmonton, Alberta

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The eBook is an excellent guide in improving someone's knowledge and skill in different styles and techniques used in creating Games Workshop related materials/products.

For example, the first chapter went through great detail on introducing some of the basic information, such as choosing paint schemes and the virtue of patience and effort, that is arguably necessary before starting.

This eBook is also very credible because the information present in the book demonstrates that the authors of the book have had experience in painting and modeling.

To keep a long testimonial short, this eBook is a valuable source for people who are determined to improve their skills in painting and modeling in terms of Games Workshop related products/materials. I, personally, would recommend it people who love to the miniature modeling hobby, Games Workshop or not.

-Rurik Ocampo, Edmonton

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*no minimum order required. Cannot be used with any other coupon.

**all prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.