Intervening models suggestion

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Intervening models suggestion

Post by Roscoe » Tue May 29, 2012 9:06 am

I've mentioned I would like to start seeing rules for intervening models being included in the alpha rules, I cant decide if it would be better to have intervening models provide just a flat rate cover bonus or if this cover bonus should be stackable with other units and other cover, or if you have your own ideas about how intervening models could work please do share. I would suggest the rules should read something like this:

Intervening models and shooting

Intervening units provide level 1 cover for the puposes of shooting. Therefore at least half the squad must be obscured or partially obscured by intervening models in order to gain the level 1 cover. However unlike cover, units obscured by multiple intervening units gain cover from these units cumulatively (to a maximum of 3)

Example: A unit obscured by 2 other units will have a cover level of 2

This also stacks with other cover (to a maximum of 3)

Example: If a unit in level 2 cover is obscured by another unit it benefits from level 3 cover.

Intervening models and perception checks

If a unit has LoS to a stealth marker that is partially obscured by another unit it suffers from -1 perception when making a perception check aginst the stealth marker.
This is culmulative if multiple units are obscuring the stealth marker.


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