Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

For those on the MWG Minecraft Server to have a place to chat, set up events, and advertise their shops.
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Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by miniwargaming » Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:28 am

If you are interested in joining the MWG Minecraft Server, please apply here.

We have a limited number of slots, and quite a few active players, but from time to time I'll look for a couple more people to join us.

So how do you apply? Simply reply here and convince me that you will be fun to have on the server. This can be by screenshots, videos, recommendations from people already on the server, or any other creative way that you can think.

Make sure to include your Minecraft username so that if I accept you in, I can do it quickly.

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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by drsergen » Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:36 am

i was way to quick and made my own thread before this was posted. . .

here it is, i just deleted the post and moved it here.

Hey my minecraft name is drsergen
the imgur album is a tour of a save file ive been through hell and back on, i made it in the hospital two and a half years ago when my daugther was born i would stay up all night playing so that when my baby woke up i can pick her up and rush her out of the room right away so my fiance could sleep and since than its picked up emotional value, to keep it up to date with the updates ive had to cut and paste it a few time with world edit so its a bit chunky, i almost lost it to a chunk glitch as well. but ive saved it, it is now back up on a few hard drives etc.

Im now 25. my daughter is 2.5 years old. i work full time and dont get to play as much but would love to help with group builds and just general team work and see what we can do in minecraft. (i also dont play as much because i have since started playing warhammer 40k heresy campaign, infinity and warmachine.

anyways here is the album.

There are some redstone tricks and trapdoors, a nice hobbit hole. the lava at the end has a hidden walk way, it was before i learned about elevators so there's lots of stairs, and that giant waterfall, diving board i spent hours jumping of off.. hope you like it.
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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by blackmagenate » Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:09 pm

Good Afternoon Matt!

You can see my buildings, personality, and video quality below. If you haven't seen any of this from the other thread, here you go: Profile:

Minecraft Video #1--2 Hours into my first world ever:
Minecraft Video #2--A few days into my first multiplayer server (Music too loud in this video):
Minecraft Video #3--Further into the multiplayer server, advancing my territory and projects:

If given a spot on your server, I would like to focus on collaborative projects and events with other players. Those PvP arenas are just begging for some bloodshed and a YouTube video! My build quality is always improving, and you can expect a minimum seen in my Minecraft Video #3. Currently, I'm infatuated with redstone, and being an EE major, I think I'll offer a decent mind for innovative and clever contraptions.

Thanks for your consideration!

Edit: MC Name: BlackMageNate
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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by destuctir » Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:00 pm


I’m not gonna pretty it up, my design skills are pretty average. I primarily work with modded versions of minecraft to expand energy mechanics. As such I am expert at red-stone circuitry in the vanilla game.

My creativity isn’t ion the sense of amazing designs so much as being unique. for example my house in the server would actually be a submarine I build underwater in the lake the village is built over, and after that I would want to make a massive farm complex a bit away from the village to supply people with free food, simply put in minecraft I enjoy being space efficient and helpful, build were no one else does and do things most people find an annoying chore to interrupt them building.

I have 2 friends, I’m aware you cannot check but, both have agreed that I am an excellent player. I am not a griefer/thief/accident-prone-person because I hate immensely when my supplies go missing or my work is damaged and I would never wish that feeling on others. I am also extremely careful when I play minecraft because I make things out of glass normally and one mistake is a lost block so I am unlikely to accidentally put something were it must not go and unleash damage, it need not be said if that does happen I will rebuild it with my resources.

And I amnt sure how relevant this is but I live in the UK and so I all likely to be on when the server is more quiet. Possibly allowing me to occupy the same spot on a list as someone who will be on at completely different times. It’s your decision whether that is relevant however.

My minecarft name is "destuctir" (I’m so original :3)

P.S. I can supply pictures of my minecraft projects but they are all modded so I amnt sure if you will find any worth in them. They include work such as a moon dome and a NASA station, as well as a lava generator and smeltery, and some rather large farms.

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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by TommyRelic » Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:44 pm

Hello Matt, I am a big minecraft and Miniwargaming fan. Been playing minecraft for almost two years now and am pretty good builder. Creating things is my favourite part of the game and I work hard to create new and interesting things. I am really hoping to get on your server as I got big ideas and want to share them with people. My imagination often out races my talent but I have created some pretty large and impressive (to me anyway) structures over the years. Here are a few, Image Image

This is my Dwarf hold

Dwarven Highway to the site of a future city (under construction)


My little cabin as I build. Quite fond of it.

I did these all in survival (floating island involved a falling and long climbs) Its the start of my own city. At present I am working to make the Dwarf Hold in the last few photos. I fancy myself a bit of a dwarf in Minecraft due to my love of mining and tunneling underground. I would love to build it on a server though, as it needs to get a lot bigger! and so other people can see it. I am pretty good with redstone and can usually get every thing working how i want. (not always the most efficient about it but get there eventually). A lot of the servers I have played don't really have any communities associated with them and are just too hostile for my liking so yours seems like a great fit for what I want to do.

Hope to get added soon.

Minecraft name is FableMaker
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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by Blyro » Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:01 pm

Hi there! Ah! So long since I have logged into the forums here that I couldn't remember my login. No harm done I suppose haha - A fresh start! Minecraft has always been my guilty pleasure.. and you know what is better than minecraft? Minecraft with other people! Better than that? Minecraft with awesome people! (especially on a whitelisted server, the people tend to be more closely knit).

Anyway here is the link to a video I made a few weeks back that I never made public because I wasn't entirely happy with it :P

Some images of an unfinished project:

minecraft IGN: mrrhino64

Best Wishes!

EDIT: Assuming my application is accepted.. I have a huge amount of experience with minecraft servers of all kinds (bukkit, tekkit, ftb etc..) so if you ever need a hand give me a shout and I should be able to point you in the right direction!
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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by ChaosX » Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:26 pm

I would still like to play with you guys.

Minecraft name: Zagarot

Here is a mine cart ride to my house. I like to get out and explore a lot. I seem to like making cart rides all over the place so I try to find mines and get all the tracks I can. If I get in I think I would like to make a large castle. It would be great to play on an active friendly server.

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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by Andyman161 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:19 am

hey,I'm new here and I saw the minecraft server,I'm just a casual builder,caver and explorer,I try to do red-stone but fail half the time,my knowledge of red-stone is basic and I enjoy building mob traps and castles,my building is above average,as I try to have fun with mine craft,my previous server visits have been less than successful because I had not fitted in on the servers and wish to be in a place where I belong,(within a war gamer minecraft server),I have been a fan of MWG for at least two years and wish to be apart of some of the activities,I do not have any screenshots of any of my builds but if I get into the server I wish to do my up-most extraordinary builds.

ps,I do not tolerate "trolling and greifing,I'm a loyal and trust worthy person,sorry if I put this post in the wrong area

thank you for your attention for reading this,I wish to make a salamanders iron forge and that would sell most iron products and would like to make a few obstacle coreses,given the salamanders theme(dodge ball salamander style and a couple of other things)

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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by Redvig » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:04 pm

Hey again!

As before I'd love to play Minecraft with fellow wargamers.

My skills are mostly building based, I've made projects such as the city of Carthage, airships, PvP arena's and spawn villages for servers. Unfortunately many of these were on servers that are no longer hosted so I cannot access them for pics (might be able to get to Carthage actually)

Anywho I do have a couple of vids that I made of minecraft, so heres a couple of links

Kind Regards,

PS. MC IGN is "Redvig"
PPS. I'll update with pics if I can get a hold of them
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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by Andyman161 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:07 pm

really wanting to join the server,my minecraft name is andrewex and I have idea's in store in I join the server

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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by sgasheppard » Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:05 pm

Hello! I'm SGASheppard and In Case you have room after you add more players (if you do).
I play a lot of different games including minecraft I can get you some references from my clan on steam if you want to know what its like to play with me. I do have video recording software however I do not have the time to use it very often as I am a full time student in Biochemistry. I can build using redstone just not all the complicated multi combo doors and such but enough to get by. Here is a link to some of my minecraft buidlings and farm. I have done an automatic sugarcane farm before but I do not have any images of it. ... 7.png.html

My Username is SGASheppard and I look forward to hearing from you either way.

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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by Imotekh-of-Canada » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:04 am

hello I was just watching the last video of the server and you said to post on the forums and see what happens.
just a bit on what I like to do in minecraft: redstone, Necron/probably any war hammer object you want me to build. and I am pretty good with medieval building as well as taking pictures from real life or something and recreating it into minecraft.
the rest should be in the video description
I also spend most of my free time in minecraft so I should be on allot if I am accepted
that is the video it was set as unlisted so please let me know if you can't watch it

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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by destuctir » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:53 am

hello. i know i have already sent my application but it turns out i made a rather large mistake. my minecraft account had to have a name change. it is actually "destuctirGB"

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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by Superior Man » Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:07 am

Imotekh-of-Canada wrote:that is the video it was set as unlisted so please let me know if you can't watch it
I can watch it, works fine.
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Re: Apply Here to join the MWG Minecraft Server

Post by TheOnlyJamo » Sat Mar 08, 2014 8:50 am

hi matt,
I would like to join your minecraft server, I have made some massive builds in the 2 years of me playing minecraft including 2 250 block high empire state building with working Redstone elevator all the way up. you can see one of my towers on my YouTube channel :

I would like to make my 3rd big house/ tower on your server if I get whitelisted

mc: ngtjamo

thank you for reading

Jamo :D :D


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