First Game Recap plus thoughts

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First Game Recap plus thoughts

Post by Concreteus » Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:57 am

So I just had a interesting game which I thought I'd share.

The set up was my nids against 2 guys playing as 1 team, so I had 2400 (2 x 1200 Lists) and they had 2 x 1200.

Roughly my list was:

Hive Tyrant
- Wings
- 2 x TLDBL

4 x 30 Hormaguants

3 Vevomthropes

2 x 2 Zonathropes

1 Hive Crone

4 x 6 Spore Mines

Trygon Prime
2 x Mawlocks
3 x Biovores

They were running Chaos (Slannesh) and Necrons (Using FW models)

The game was the Relic, I set up in the middle and in return they set up all along the board right at the back of the board. So in return I completely ignored the relic and threw everything towards their thinly spread force.

So to keep this simply I'll focus on the highlight, which were:

- Deathleaper + Shadow in the Warp kept their caster at Ld 5 for most of the game basically
shutting down their powers,

- Hormagaunts running 13-15" thanks to fleet and the +3 run gets you into combat incredibly
quickly. This with venomthropes and FnP is brilliant, my opponets were not happy when I was so
close to combat at the end of turn 1.

- Zonathropes with the extra power comes in really handing because now they have to float across
the field. Luckily I got FnP on one unit of Zonathropes allowing me to make 4 units have FnP over
all thanks to them and the Hive Tyrant.

- Exocrine worked really well. My opponet played very smartly and really limited his targets but as I
was pushing into their lines they had to deal with it and they decided to use a full unit of
deathmarks to get rid of it. Luckily for me I only took 1 wound thanks to it's armour and a well
placed venomthrope. In return I managed a hit with the blast template and killed them all with 1

- Trygon Prime even though it's pricey compared to the other MC's did brilliantly. Providing extra
synapse plus more Shadow coverage is great. I also used it to pull a unit of Hormaguants in late
game which worked out brilliantly.

- The Mawlocks also did a great job, popping up exactly where I needed them to and helped kill the
Noise Marines which were hurting me so badly.

Overall I was very happy with what happened, not everything went my way but it was a hell of a lot of fun. By the end of the game a lot of stuff was dead on both sides but the nids easily claimed victory with 1st blood, slay the warlord, line breaker and I held the Relic.

I think with the current meta (at least my meta) where everyone puts 90%+ of their points into shooting that the nids can apply so much pressure from so many points that it can easily overwhelm most people.

For instance in this game I had a annihilation barge and 10 necron warriors trapped in with a unit of guants, 2 units of spore mines and a mawlock. Before this point is brought up the points here are about 320 nids to 350 Necron/CSM (Helldrake in support of these units). In the end he tried shooting the guants which he destroyed most of with the help of a helldrake however in doing so it allowed me to charge in with the mines, which absorbed the overwatch allowing another unit of mines to explode and allowing my mawlock to finish up the stragglers. This completely collapsed his left hand side of the board.

Overall, even with all the negativity I've seen I really believe this book to be stronger than most people believe not purely based on single units but how elements can be combined to form a super powerful force.

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Re: First Game Recap plus thoughts

Post by rhothy » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:41 am

the problem thoush is who has 120 hormagaunts?
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Re: First Game Recap plus thoughts

Post by Lionic » Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:45 pm

how did your synapse do. did any horms eat them selves?
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Re: First Game Recap plus thoughts

Post by Concreteus » Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:48 pm

Lionic wrote:how did your synapse do. did any horms eat them selves?
Synapse wasn't really a problem and while my opponent did try very hard to remove it as early as possible however they simply couldn't as I had my network overlapping so even if they did kill one node units usually had more that 1 source. I also got really luckly and got the extra 6' range to synapse on my Hive Tyrant. Also the Tyrgon Prime added more Synapse when he popped up from his table later in the game.

However every now and again I did have to test for synapse and I believe I failed 2 the entire game. The biovores ran off the board at the end of the game although there was only a single one left so I didn't really mind as I had sacrificed them by this stage. The other failed test was on a unit of Hormaguants which simply charged a unit that I wanted them to anyway so it wasn't truly a problem.

rhothy wrote:the problem thoush is who has 120 hormagaunts?
Well, this was simply the list I ran however I'd say a lot of people have a considerable amount of Termaguants. While not as fast (no where near) they can still flood the field with cheap bodies that the enemy has to deal with, whlie also providing a little ranged fire power.

Naturally the Homragaunts are the superior choice for what I wanted as they closed the distance in a stupidly quick time. I din't think I'll every forget the faces of my oponenets on turn 2 as their gun line was filled with nids.


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