Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by GamerCr0w » Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:09 pm

Name: Qandran Corporation


Backstory in nutshell:
used to be an large electronic and machinery manufacturing corporation.

Notes: I wanted the name to be something that actually isn't anything specific (Google will only find the result: Q and Ran), giving proper writers more freedom on the deeper details.

I also made the logo very simple, because it would be nice to be able to paint it on your models, 'cause when you think how small it will eventually be... well let's just say that there are people who would much rather have a simple emblem than complicated one.

As the Qandran Corporation used to involve electronic elements in its past, it will most likely have energy weapons to use currently.

the more accurate background will be added as soon as i have it in publishable form and after a spelling check.

Also i have an suggestion:
couldn't there be more than one corporation in this game?
That way there could be few "pre set" corporations with own logos and colour schemes. And people could make their own just like 40k space marine chapters or imperial regiments. Characteristics would be same for all but atl east you could make variations if you'd want to.
just a suggestion no offence intended.
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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by MrRabbit1 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:30 pm

GamerCr0w wrote:Also i have an suggestion:
couldn't there be more than one corporation in this game?
That way there could be few "pre set" corporations with own logos and colour schemes. And people could make their own just like 40k space marine chapters or imperial regiments. Characteristics would be same for all but atl east you could make variations if you'd want to.
just a suggestion no offence intended.
I think that's a brilliant idea, but the fluff would be hard to work out, for example my idea is very different to PsiCore's but it could work, Matt could pick his top 5 or something and get the 5 that made them to collectively write the fluff so it would make sense or something like that
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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by Aeon » Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:56 pm

My Company Idea:

The Logo:

the logo got a little big :), I designt it as a Vector-Graphic and converted it to png.

(Firefox shows it with a grey background. But the Background is transparent --> white)
Shepard Inc. was founded at the beginning of the 21th Century as a Book Publising Company.

They were founded in Europe (Germany, Hamburg) with the Name

Schäfer Buch GmbH (which is Translated: Shepherd Book Ltd. , a "GmbH" is something like a ltd.).

The first years they only grew slowly. Even with an Economy which became more and more unstable they were able
make profits.

After 20 Years they bought of a Strugling Publishing Company for Science Books and Journals.

They were succesfull in turning this risky transaktion into a profit and managed to grow even more.

In the Following Years they bought of another couple of publihing Companies.

50 years after its founding the Company was a multi-milion-Euro Publisher and one of the largest in Europe.
But a very great Tradegy occured for the Company: Its founder, Owner and former longtime CEO died.

The following years became turbolent for the Company for the first time in decades the steady growth stopped.

5 years after its founders death the Company merged with one of its competors. The New Company was now Called

Shepherd Publishing.

Its HQ were moved from Hamburg to London. about ten years after this the Company began to
expand its operation to the North american market.

The expansion was very difficult and the company was only able to get a small market share in North America.

But they had grown again very much in west and East Europe.

Thanks to its growth in Europe they were able to Buy some bigger Publishers in North America and were able to get
bigger and bigger Market shares in North America.

Then the Growth in Publishing stopped. They were as large as the other publishing Companies. And all Companies were very

Now after about a 100 years after its founding they need new ideas for the future or they would be stuck.

Then they came up with the idea in expanding there operations beyound publishing. They startet to buy firms and companies
which where in the technologie market, the food market, the entertainment and TV market and the aero and space market.

Now they not only published Books, Magazins, Journals, Newspapers, but they startet to become a Company which sells TVs, Computers
Food, Movie-Holos, games, Cars etc. They also owned TV and Radio Stations all over Europe and North America.

Now they were able grow even more because they could advertise their products virtualy free of cost.

Now the companies profits scyrocket like nothing before. They became more and more diverse in their operations, and now
started to expand to the rest of the world.

Theire where always ups and downs but because the company had so many different branches they made allways profits.

They give the term "publishing" a new meaning.
Sorry for Spelling and grammatical mistakes in the text. I am from germany and english is my second language.

I found a spelling Mistake in the Name of the Corporation. I mean "Shepherd" not "Shepard"
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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by xecu7i0ner » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:05 pm

I have a name idea I'd like to trow out there. I haven't sifted through the thread to make sure it hasn't been proposed already so I apologize if it has.

Name: Infinity / Infinity Corps

Logo: would be the symbol for for infinity

This is mostly because I like the sound of Infinity corps and that it allows the faction to continue to be reffed to as 'The Corporation' as I recall Matthew mentioning in one of his videos.
The logo I like because it would be easy enough to freehand onto models and also make transfers out of. Following what others have been saying you can add shapes,lines, dots etc. underneath the logo as squad or command markings, or even over/under the logo with stars for squad leaders or snakes for stealth operative that sort of thing.

Story wise I was thinking along the lines of Infinity Corps being something like a private equity firm or venture capital firm before the war. Their major holdings were in weapons and other military manufacturing companies like armor, textiles etc.
This sort of leads into player customization of their particular force as this would allow people to represent these other companies under the infinity logo and come up with their own logos or variations of the infinity one as well as color schemes, specializations and back story. Much like you can with SM's in WH40k. I think its very important to have that sort of open ended feel to allow people to add their own bits of creativity to their army's.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by chaos canuk » Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:02 pm

Call it Glanfeild Nordquist Private Military Services or GNPM . (Sorry if i spelled your names wrong). It would be a parody of Lockheed Martin and Blackwater and this would explain their military force as a pre war mercenary group. They could be a gathering of mercenaries who survived the plague and united under this company.Image

the crossed swords are a simple enough logo, timeless and customisable
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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by evilgreenthing » Tue May 01, 2012 12:45 am

DECON (Infinity) Corporation
Originally called the Infinity corporation, DECON was originally one of the few remaining genetic enhancement firms left in Canada. At the start of the war, Infinity was approached by the Canadian Military to help develop simple alterations that would increase Soldiers effectiveness in battle. Infinity’s enhancements proved extremely effective, and the Canadian government signed another, far larger contract with them. With the excess money, Infinity bought-up a couple of small military businesses. As Infinity grew in size, Canada’s largest weapons manufacturer, Xenia, began to feel threatened by Infinity’s quick rise to economic power. A deal was brokered between the two companies, and soon after they merged to form DECON (Defense Contractors) Corporation. However, it was Infinities executives that took control over the company from that point on. DECON corp. then became the second largest weapons manufacturer in the Western hemisphere. When the Virus broke, several executives proved immune to the virus. After the Fall these executives gathered together as many soldiers as they could find, and formed the new DECON Corporation, which functioned as a mercenary group, with vast holdings of land that they acquired through payment contracts.
I dont have a logo, as I am not a very skilled designer :/
sincerely EGT

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by Dirvan » Wed May 02, 2012 7:10 pm

Name: diverse energy and trade hub ( I think you guys can figure outh the acronym)

Company begins life as an Independant drilling company in the north sea in late 21st century. Due to incredible luck they stumble across huge reserves of oil and gas and profits are huge.
The company is later able to secure funding and permits for drilling on sites beyond earth. This involves serious investment on their part but this is no issue as by now the company has swallowed several other drilling companies and has. Near total monopoly on energy supply to the majority of the world. Company invests in construction of space elevators which allow for cheaper access to space.
DEATH begin extracting natural gas from Titan and the company is renamed titanic energy co. After their main carrier the titanic!! TEC's profits fall dramatically fall with the discovery of dark particles which allowed for a new source of energy,dark fusion. Unable to keep up with this radical market change they opt for purchasing massive amounts of shares in multiple arms manufacturing firms. While this market was also evolving rapidly TEC knew that there would always be warlords looking for more affordable instruments of DEATH with which to spread their wars. This highly lucrative business allowed TEC to expand once again into multiple business sectors from programming to genetics to grocery chains meaning that before the outbreak there wasn't a person on earth who didn't know their name . And few were those who didn't earn their living , one way or another, through TEC

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by chaoslordofawesome » Fri May 04, 2012 6:55 pm

Name: Talon industrial Connective (T.I.C)

Description/backstory ideas:
Talon Industrial Connective was the worlds leading military weapons manufacture and supplier, and also thus had a strong military force at their disposal. As a side project to prove they wasn’t just confined to military manufacturing, after scrutiny from the worlds media, they began looking for alternative sources of energy, and beginning space lift development, and space exploration, although the T.I.C’s public story for these projects was that there main goal was, and always has been protection of the human races public interests, but the truth was far darker…

I left the back ground open for adding and taking away parts and also interpretation.
I couldn’t find a program on my pc to make an image and I’m not much of a drawer, but my idea for a logo was an Eagles claw holding the Earth with ''T.I.C'' in the center of the Earth

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by Emperor_Sean » Sun May 06, 2012 1:50 pm

Name: The Valvagore Corporation
(I considered making the name longer by adding in another word or two but I decided against it. The name "Valvagore" is derived from a city in a Minecraft server I used to own. Upon looking it up on google though there appears to be a World of Warcraft character named Valvagore also, I don't think this would pose a problem but I'm stating it anyways.)

Logo: Image

Note that is just a rough image i quickly made of something i thought would look nice. An oddly shaped V for Valvagore and a Crescent Moon behind it to stand for Corporation. This is more of the idea then the image. (I'm sure somebody could make this look alot better)

Background: The Valvagore Corporation was a corporation forged through deceit and honour. In this dark future they have risen from a fledgling group of companions to a corporation that spreads its infleunce far. Although even with all the power they have attained they are still teetering on the brink of destruction with nothing but a faint glimmer of hope to survive this dark world. Although the tables could turn for them at any moment with their mad scientists tinkering away in their underground labratories manufacturing new weapons of malign intent, which might just giving them the dark potential for them to rise to glory.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by blacknsilver926 » Sun May 06, 2012 5:32 pm

Name: Phoenix Corps.

Logo: A Phoenix flying straight up with fire spiraling down off of it.(sorry i'm not an artist)

Justification: Well the mythology behind a phoenix is that they live for an extremely long time and before they die they burst in to flames. Then out of the ashes they are reborn. The whole notion of being reborn goes hand and hand with life in a post-apocalyptic environment. Out of the disaster caused by the war Phoenix Corps has risen. And since a phoenix is said to live for extremely long time Phoenix Corps is not going anywhere.

Back Story: Before the war Phoenix Corps was an aspiring energy company looking to change the world for the better. They had several projects including several government/military projects. Phoenix Corps produced advanced armor plating technologies and started experimenting with gravity control technologies. After the war, struggling survivor Flint Marcus stumbles upon an intriguing bird like symbol engraved on a blown out metal door. Flint stumbles around for a bit looking for the room the metal door fit. He begins to investigate a large pile of rocks about ten feet away when from the door when all of a sudden he finds himself falling.

To keep this from getting any longer Flint, or whoever name doesn't matter, fell into an old Phoenix Corps. supply cache. He uses this technology and shelter to rally others to his cause building up his numbers becoming the Corporation that MWG Matt has designed.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by Philmore Gallows » Sun May 06, 2012 11:26 pm

Name: Airmed Industries (AMI)

Formerly one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical suppliers, Airmed Industries was named for the Irish goddess of healing and herbalism. With an ominous reputation for marketing questionable medicines, AMI was been linked with the original outbreak of the virus that shattered mankind as we knew it. While it is not clear if they were responsible, they were among the first to try to combat the virus, and perhaps the first people who truly understood what the world faced in it's immediate future. It is for this reason that AMI was able to quarantine its corporate headquarters, allowing it to survive with enough manpower to gain a foothold in the terrifying new world that awaited it.


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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by MrRabbit1 » Mon May 07, 2012 8:36 am

Hey All, here's another idea I had. Let me know what you think and whether you prefer this or the QC :). Its pronounced 'Z-eye-on' by the way.
Once again the images used to illustrate my logo are the current concepts, I just used them to apply my logo and make no claims of ownership. No copyright infringement intended.



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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by AirborneHam » Mon May 07, 2012 10:15 pm

Name: Vindicta
(Latin for Vengeance or Defense)

(Just a rough idea, I'm not too artistic in this sense).

Background: It is the largest corporation the world had ever seen. It dealt in arms, defense, medication and surgery, transportation, personal computing, nano-technology; the list goes on. Beginning in weapons, they slowly accumulated wealth and purchased any business that they viewed as profitable. They soon controlled the most powerful names in nearly every industry, but this was a humble beginning for a name that is known across the world even after the human race was nearly destroyed by war and plague.

The corporation that controlled nearly every market in the world controlled not only every market in New York City, but New York City itself. The company bought control of the city from the New York State Legislature in the year 2153 for $9.7 trillion American Dollars. This added to its collection of thirteen other cities it controlled across the globe as well as the country of Panama. Controlling the world’s trading and markets made this conglomerate the most influential figure on Earth. After much effort made by the CEO, they were eventually able to purchase one of the interstellar highways found in space, expanding their control further than ever anticipated.

(The above is an excerpt from my latest writing in the Fan Fiction Forum, you can read the whole piece here: http://www.miniwargaming.com/forum/view ... 19&t=74882
AirborneHam, author of several stories in the Dark Potential Fan-Fiction Forum.

Start here: http://www.miniwargaming.com/forum/view ... 19&t=63550

It only gets better.

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by ZeGuy » Mon May 07, 2012 10:38 pm

Gidion wrote:Name : C.O.R.E Tech. (Cybernetic and Organic Replacement Technologies




And logo for weapons etc


I imagine the company starting out as a medical company focusing on growing cloned organs for transplant surgery (a good thing yay) including replacement limbs etc for for soldiers wounded in combat. Eventually this evolved to cybernetically enhanced implants for military use.

I was thinking that it could be possible to push this even further where the company started cloning full human beings for use as soldiers. But that depends a lot on what you want for the game rly...

Best one so far IMO

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Re: Dark Potential Corporation Renaming Contest

Post by SwissSalvo » Tue May 08, 2012 5:37 pm

GAHP Corp.

General Advancement of Human Potential

"Closing the Gap between us and them since 2150"

Dedicated to the study and advancement of human evolution through technological break through and application of Dark Matter.

When the war started this corporation was contracted by the government and was infused with a money to find better ways to combat the new threat.
Their innovations were a key reason humans were able to fight back as well as they did.

I have a logo but I am inept at posting it to this forum.

Basically two blocks with a gap in the middle a third block with an arrow closing the difference. GAHP through the center.


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